[VIDEO] Don Jr Just Asked The “Million Dollar Question” About Hunter Biden’s Laptop 

[VIDEO] Don Jr Just Asked The “Million Dollar Question” About Hunter Biden’s Laptop 

I’ll tell you what, Don Jr. has his dad’s sense of humor – that quick wit, and he just has this way of talking about the “obvious” stuff that everyone in our media nowadays brushes over or flat-out ignores.


So, when I saw this video of Jr., it made me laugh – because the question he asks about Hunter’s laptop is absurd, hilarious, and sadly, spot-on.

As you likely know by now, a new video of Hunter Biden has leaked out.

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And what’s our “crackpot” hero up to now?

Well, in this latest clip, that was released by Daily Mail, a naked Hunter is with a prostitute, and he’s telling her this convoluted story about how he almost overdosed in Vegas, and while he was out of it, some Russian drug lords who he had been hanging out with, took two of his laptops – laptops that Hunter says were filled with “sex videos” – and he goes on to say that now, these Russians were trying to blackmail him.

Lovely. Can you say “National Security Issue”…I mean, is this why Joe just handed Russia their precious pipeline on a silver platter?

And trust me, if we had a serious media, this story would be on every news station and written about in every publication from here to Timbuktu.


But of course, we’re not a “serious” country – and our media is a propaganda machine for the Democrats, so we can’t count on them for anything.

But even still, the bigger question is – what kind of damage has Hunter done to our nation with his sex tapes and drug abuse? Who else is blackmailing him, and thus, compromising Joe?

And that’s where Don Jr’s question comes in…Don wants to know: “Is there a single country at this point that does not have a Hunter Biden laptop?”

Honestly, is there?

It’s funny, but can you really blame him for asking that? This is how absurd this whole thing has gotten.

Don also goes on to slam the media and poke more fun at Hunter – and he does all of this in about 40 seconds flat.

It’s a good clip.

You can watch the video below:

It’s really true – can you imagine what the media hellscape would be like right now if this was Don Jr. that had done all of this?


That’s just another sure sign that we have fake, propaganda media in this country and they can’t be trusted, with this or ANYTHING else that they say.

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