People Aren’t Buying Today’s Story of a DC “Bomber”…#FalseFlag Trends on Twitter 

People Aren’t Buying Today’s Story of a DC “Bomber”…#FalseFlag Trends on Twitter 

Today, the FBI told us that a man – from the “south”- wanted to blow up the Capitol because he was mad about Afghanistan.


Now, about 6 years ago, something like this may have rattled a lot of Americans, but today, many people either laughed, shrugged it off, or called it a “false flag,” thanks to lack of trust in the FBI, who have been known to stir up stuff with informants, like what we saw in the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping plot.

Today’s story goes that a man named Ray Roseberry claimed to have 5 bombs planted in DC, and said he’d detonate them if he was shot.

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This white “southern” man was reportedly angry about Afghanistan’s withdrawal and wanted to “blow up DC.”

Many people didn’t buy the story, as the timing seemed a tad “odd” since Joe is going through a disaster right now with his Afghanistan mess.


“I’m from the south and have a southern accent … this is the most pathetic attempt at a southern accent I’ve ever heard.”


It all ended very quickly, and without a lot of fanfare.


For many people the ending was suspiciously abrupt:

“The FBI was like, ‘nobody’s buying this shit, pack it in…’”

The Capitol Hill wannabe bomber was apparently very inclusive and pro LGBT – good grief.

“of all the cockamamie shi*t the FBI has pulled, this one here takes the cake”


People then started mocking the FBI with memes like the one below of the would-be bomber in an FBI hat, from the “False Flag Dept.”

Here’s what other people had to say about today’s “bombing.”

“I don’t buy this, the timing is a little too perfect.” 

“I’m from Tennessee and I always cringe when I hear fake Southern accents in movies. This dude sounds like that.”

“Give me a break I like the props all over the car like his cowboy hat and his leather jacket that needed to be in the window.”

“You just know they’ll recover a MAGA cap under his strategically-placed cache of chewin’ tabacca—”

“Yeah, this guys acting was horrible.. Anything to take attention of what they are doing.”

Media w Bad acting just to deflect everyone from #Afghanistan ! Not gonna happen , bring our ppl home now!!!”

“A bomb treat by the FBI trying to make out he was a trump supporter / false flag”

“Worst southern accent I have ever heard. Terrible acting. No patriot would ever do anything like this especially where he was to much history. We are about Law and Order. Not violence. Wake up people.”

“Convenient all the politicians are gone on vacation too.”

“He surrendered. Can’t wait to hear what kind of story they will spin. I’m sure they will make him a Trump supporter.”

“I’m surprised they didn’t stick a trump 2024 flag on the truck.” 

You can’t really blame people for being leery nowadays, after everything that’s gone on.

Many believe the FBI has been weaponized by the left, and SpyGate certainly left a bad taste in many people’s mouths.


The FBI has been on a fast-track to disgraceville for a long time now.

People just have no faith or trust left in that once esteemed bureau.


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