[VIDEO] Gutfeld Blasts Fake News Media For Refusing to Cover Low “Minority Vaccination” Rates

[VIDEO] Gutfeld Blasts Fake News Media For Refusing to Cover Low “Minority Vaccination” Rates

The media has certainly been picking and choosing their coverage when it comes to COVID vaccine rates.

It seems like they’re blatantly ignoring the fact that the vaccine rates are extremely low amongst minorities.

They’d rather blame “Trump supporters.”

And because nobody is reporting on it, it’s not entirely clear why minorities are vaccine-hesitant.


Could it be that the media doesn’t want the public to realize that a large “diverse” portion of the population is opposed to the vaccine? Or maybe it’s just a way for them to keep everyone in the dark and hating on Trump supporters?

Well regardless of the reason, it’s quite apparent that this is being done on purpose and Greg Gutfeld is putting them on blast for keeping Americans in the dark on this matter.

Watch the video:

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And just in case you were wondering, here are the stats on the minority vax rates.

From The Hill

On April 30 — Biden’s 100th day in office — 18.5 percent of Black people and 18.9 percent of Hispanic people had received a coronavirus vaccine, compared to 27.3 percent of white people, data from the Centers for

Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show.

That CDC data isn’t as robust as it could be. Several states don’t supply race and ethnicity data for the people they are vaccinating. Overall that information is known only for about 62 percent of people in the U.S. who have received at least one vaccine dose. The figures also encompass all age groups; COVID-19 vaccines have yet to be approved for children under the age of 12.

But despite the pitfalls in data collection, those figures have crept closer to each other in the past several months, signaling the vaccination rate for Black and Hispanic people has ticked upward.

As of Wednesday, 25.9 percent of Black people and 31.9 of Hispanic people in the country had received at least one dose, compared to 33.7 percent of white people.


Well, this is clearly a culprit for why the administration hasn’t quite reached its vaccine goal.

Which makes it even more perplexing as to why the media refuses to cover it.

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