Greta Van Susteren Wants to Know Who’s Controlling Joe Biden

Greta Van Susteren Wants to Know Who’s Controlling Joe Biden

It’s become abundantly clear that Biden might have bitten off more than he could chew with being the so-called “president.”

We’re about 8 months into his so-called “presidency” and nearly everything he’s done has become an absolute disaster and all along the way, he’s been dodging the press like crazy.


It seems like every time he’s surrounded by reporters, he’s saying something along the lines of “I’m not supposed to take questions” or there’s a “list” of who he can answer questions from.

It’s bizarre and it just happened again while Biden was at FEMA headquarters when he told the press he couldn’t take questions and that he wouldn’t be addressing Afghanistan.

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This really begs the question: who on earth is giving Biden these orders not to answer the press and why?

Well, Greta Van Susteren isn’t just wondering, she’s demanding to know why this is all being concealed from the American people.

“And why is he “not supposed to take questions?” Isn’t he the President? Who is telling him not to take questions?”


Exactly, Greta, the guy is supposedly “president.”

Since when do his flunkies determine which members of the press he’s allowed to respond to and when?

And Greta isn’t the only one putting Joe on blast; as Laura Ingraham is also wondering who’s pulling Biden’s strings.

“Who’s running the White House and making the big decisions? Is it Ron Klain, his Chief of Staff? Is it the First Lady? America deserves to know.”

Do Biden and his administration not realize they work for the American people, not the other way around?

If we or the press ask a question, there’s virtually no reason why it should go unanswered.

Especially when you’ve plunged this country into absolute chaos as Joe has.

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