[VIDEO] Hilarious Hodge Twins Breakdown That Tense Encounter Between Vietnam Vet and Transgender Person

[VIDEO] Hilarious Hodge Twins Breakdown That Tense Encounter Between Vietnam Vet and Transgender Person

If there’s one thing you can count on with the Hodge Twins, it’s some hilarious observations.

This time they broke down the confrontation between a Vietnam vet store owner and a transgender person who demanded he remove a sign that stated those born with male private parts are still men.


The Hoge Twins of course took this situation and made it 100 percent more entertaining with their commentary.

Check it out:

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Hilarious right?

And here’s what users on Twitter had to say as well:

Freedom of speech. At the same time I don’t get why he cares so much about this. It’s a none issue. I’ll call you a leprechaun if that makes you happy! Just don’t expect me to know that’s what you are the second you meet me! Cheers”

“I mean this guy could be upset that the sign lied about it being a new Dr. Seuss book, but the part he’s upset about is factually accurate. I guess the truth hurts even when it’s delivered as a rhyme. ??‍♂️“

“I want to support this mans store! We need to all buy something and show support. That council she/he had no right to incite violence!”

”I laugh out loud when I listen to every podcast. Damn good show”


These two really are spot-on with their observations.

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