MSNBC Host: If Kids Aren’t In School Come Fall, Blame It On The Unvaccinated Republicans

MSNBC Host: If Kids Aren’t In School Come Fall, Blame It On The Unvaccinated Republicans

Former Republican operative for former Presidential candidate Jeb Bush and MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace said, “If kids aren’t in school, it’s because Republicans didn’t get vaccinated and Republican governors stood in the way of mask mandates that would make it possible.”

I thought it’s ALWAYS the president who’s to blame, laughter with my coffee, thank you, Ms. Wallace.

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Wallace‘s comments couldn’t be further from the truth. We have known since the July 30 CDC report, and the CDC Director verified yesterday, that vaccinated individuals can be infected and transmit the virus the same as the unvaccinated. I am speculating here as I am not a scientist, but I do have an opinion, vaccinated people have been spreading the virus at places like work, large gatherings, and venues since they could take off their masks or had to show proof of vaccination to attend large gatherings and venues.

Unvaccinated individuals were required to wear masks at work; we’re not allowed in large gatherings or venues without proof of vaccination. A prime example is Barnstable County, Massachusetts. 469 people contracted the coronavirus. 346 or 74% of those cases were fully vaccinated persons. Out of those 469 people who were infected, 5 were hospitalized. Out of the 5 hospitalized, 4 were fully vaccinated persons.

This was reported in The July 30 CDC’s morbidity and mortality weekly report/Volume 70.

Bless Nicolle’s heart. The poor thing can’t comprehend, or she would know who is not getting vaccinated, but then again, if you listen to her for more than 10 minutes, you understand. Then you realize she used to be in our government, and things become even clearer. Finally, she is a former member of the GOP that wanted her job so badly she decided to invalidate everything she said while being a member of that party.

With all due respect, Nicolle is the definition of a political sell-out, so it’s clear why she is a mouthpiece for the left. They are using her, and she doesn’t even realize it. The left loves to pimp out angry Republicans to show their wretched side, a narrative the GOP never condemns. When this thing finally breaks all over the floor, we need to remember people like her and never go down this road again.

Let me also add, the CDC was prepared to allow in-person learning regardless of transmission rates. Still, at the suggestion of the union, the guidelines were adjusted to include a provision that said, “In the event of high community-transmission results from a new variant of SARS-CoV-2, a new update of these guidelines may be necessary.” Yep here we go again with the newly formed fourth branch of government, the CDC making laws and rules we must follow.

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I know many Democrats who won’t get vaccinated – which is their right to make that decision. There are many Democrats that are somewhat anti-vax – (less than half the country gets a flu shot). Most people (probably all) have seen all the information about Covid and have decided to get vaccinated. They also accept the risks/consequences.

It’s time to move forward. Zero cases were never the original goal and aren’t achievable. There are enough people vaccinated and people who have already had it to where we aren’t going to overload the medical system with the people who aren’t vaccinated. The vaccinated aren’t going to die from the unvaccinated. Move on.

Kids are ready, willing, and able to go back to school. If kids aren’t in school, the teacher’s union, democrats, Fauchi, and the CDC do not respect a parents’ right to make this decision. Science does not support masking, especially for kids.

As usual, Democrats and RINO anti-Trump Republicans blame everyone else except themselves. Besides, vaccine records do not contain political party information. They have no idea who has and has not been vaccinated. Why should anyone be following the advice of a TV host who is paid to say what her bosses want her to say? Media journalism is dead and lost public trust long ago.

Again, as I stated in a prior article, MSNBC and CNN are not news organizations but, are in fact, news entertainment companies. Constant commentary, constant panel discussions. Sadly, many see this format as news when it’s anything but news. When we begin to see Nicole Wallace, Joe Scarborough, and Chris Cuomo as entertainers, I believe we will get less upset by their pronouncements.

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Hey Wallace, your politics is about your bruised ego and nothing else. Also, you are needy for comradery, family, and your need to belong to something that defines your life because you can’t define yourself or your life by yourself. You’re still angry Republicans didn’t choose Jeb! and you’re trying your best to enact revenge by using MSNBC to trash Republicans. It would be best if you had someone and something to blame, but understand this, to be a turncoat and do what you’re doing will only dry up any connections you use to have, and when the Dems get tired of you because you have aged and are no longer viable, you’ll be alone.

What do you think of Nicolle’s blast of the unvaccinated GOP? Is she right, or do you think she’s taken her opinion too far? Share your comments below.



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