[VIDEO] Biden Looks Heartless as He Rushes Out of The Door Just As Reporter Asks Gut-Wrenching Question 

[VIDEO] Biden Looks Heartless as He Rushes Out of The Door Just As Reporter Asks Gut-Wrenching Question 

Once again, Joe Biden would have been better off staying inside the White Houe and napping, rather than show up some 5-hours late to his presser, and not mention Afghanistan until after he discussed two other topics, and then walk out without taking a single question, as a reporter is shouting a rather gut-wrenching question at him.


Yeah, it was yet another bad day for Joe, and a horrific day for America – as it becomes increasingly clear to everyone that we’re being led by an inept buffoon who has no idea what he’s doing and no empathy.

Imagine having a friend or loved one stranded in Afghanistan and you tune in to hear what the so-called “president” has to say, and when you flip on the TV, the bumbling idiot is talking about the budget bill.


Are you kidding me?

Then to make matters even worse, Joe refuses to take questions and just shuffles out the room as a reporter is shouting, “Can you guarantee every American will be out before the troops leave?”


Callous and out of touch, does not even begin to describe this behavior.

Sociopathic does, though…

You can watch the video below:

All that reporter and the American people got was a shot of the back of Joe Biden’s head…something that’s become somewhat of a pattern lately.

All you ever see is this guy’s fuzzy head as he walks away.


What an absolute abysmal failure Joe Biden and his entire staff is.

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