[VIDEO] Watch Kamala’s Face As Joe Rambles Incoherently…

[VIDEO] Watch Kamala’s Face As Joe Rambles Incoherently…

Look, I am NO fan of Kamala Harris, that’s for dang sure, but even I felt slightly bad for her during this very awkward moment where she had to stand there while Joe literally rambled on like a blithering buffoon about baseball and beating someone up…Honestly, God only knows what he was trying to say.


But you can see and feel the awkwardness in Kamala’s face, as she’s forced to stand there and pretend that the gobbledygook spilling out of Joe’s mouth is perfectly normal.

Or maybe it’s that “childhood stutter” again?

Either way, Kamala appears to look uncomfortable, and stiff, and almost humiliated-looking.

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I’d imagine she’s listening to this senile old fool and thinking to herself, “I can’t believe I am less popular than this buffoon…”

And it’s true…while Joe’s approvals slide deeper into the abyss, Kamala is now the most unpopular VP in the past 60 or so years.

Post Millennial reported that Vice President Kamala Harris showed poorly in recent polls, which indicated that she is the most unpopular vice president in 50 years, since the 1970s or earlier.

The Los Angeles Times reported Monday that as of July 27, 45 percent of registered voters had a favorable opinion of Harris and 48 percent had an unfavorable opinion, a net rating of -3 percentage points.

In comparison, most other vice presidents have had a net rating at 0 or very close to it, including former Vice President Mike Pence, current President Joe Biden when he served under the Obama Administration, and Bush-era Dick Cheney.

The current vice president’s unpopularity is worse than Pence’s was six months into the Trump presidency, according to The Telegraph, which reported that around the same time in 2017, Pence’s unfavorability rating sat at 41.9 percent while his favorability rating was 42.1 percent.

Harris’s popularity appears to have dipped around June 8 when she made headlines for not visiting the United States-Mexico border and refusing to talk about it. She crossed the 0 net rating mark into the negatives shortly after.


Well, this can’t be surprising. She had to drop out of the primaries early because nobody liked her.


Honestly, this will probably be her most notable accomplishment, anyway.

But for some fun, just watch her face, and know that she’s probably seething and squirming inside.

You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Her job is harder than Bidens, and she knows she will forever be associated with this dunce, Obama pretends he doesn’t exist”

“She’s like: I can’t believe this guy is president.”

“She is thinking “and I am the one they don’t like? This guy is certifiably insane.”

“Dear God, you can feel the cringe from here.” 

“She’s thinking, “how did I end up playing his idiot’s sidekick?”

“I think I actually saw her make a “cringe” expression LOL” 

“I couldn’t keep a straight face, so I’ll give her credit for that.” 

“Kamala knows what we all know ” 

“She’s thinking, I am so unpopular, I can’t even replace an Alzheimer’s patient.” 


All very good observations – I know as a woman, you can spot that look that other women get when they’re uncomfortable, and Kamala definitely had “the look.”

No doubt about it…

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