Things Are Getting Grim: TDS Whacko Liz Cheney Just Threw Biden Under The Bus

Things Are Getting Grim: TDS Whacko Liz Cheney Just Threw Biden Under The Bus

Well, today was just about the worst day that Biden has had yet in terms of Afghanistan.


We discovered that the Taliban is actually calling the shots and that a majority of Americans will likely be left behind in Taliban-run Afghanistan.

Biden, who is coming off with the compassion level of your average sociopathic serial killer, is tanking in the polls and looking more and more inept as the days go by.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] President Trump Releases The “Mother of All Ads” Condemning Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster

Things have gotten so bad – that Biden is losing all his support.

The media has pretty much abandoned him, Dems are not rushing to his side to help him, and now, even the biggest TDS loons are jumping ship.

Anti-Trump TDS whacko Liz Cheney, who has pretty much become a “Democrat,” has just thrown Biden under the bus and then backed over him a few times for good measure.


Here’s what conservative pundit Guy Benson said:

“Just asked Rep. @Liz_Cheney if she thinks it’s far to say that it appears as though the Taliban is dictating US/Biden policy in Afghanistan right now. Answer: “Yes.”

WH says US is on track to get all our people out by 8/31.

Does she think that’s accurate? “Absolutely not.””

Well, you know things are bad when you lose a swamp rat and warmonger like Liz Cheney.

I just don’t know how much worse it can get for Joe.


I guess the only thing that could be worse is if Obama comes out and slams him personally.

Right now, Barry’s got all his henchmen doing the dirty work for him.

If that happens, and Obama pipes up, Joe is a goner.

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