[VIDEO] Just Hours After 13 US Service Members Were Killed, WH Was Struck By a Bolt of Lightening

[VIDEO] Just Hours After 13 US Service Members Were Killed, WH Was Struck By a Bolt of Lightening

Today, hours after 13 US service members were killed in a suicide bombing at the Kabul airport, lightning struck at the White House.


A sign from God?

I can’t imagine God would be pleased with what’s happening right now.

Our country has gone to progressive hell and has turned into a degenerate mess. There are 167 genders, the left is trying to normalize pedophilia, they hate Christians and love criminals. It’s like living in the Twilight Zone.

MORE NEWS: OANN’s WH Source Describes Confused and “Paralyzed” Biden, As Reports On Kabul Bombing Came Rushing in

But what happened today, when we lost our 13 brave warriors – that was all Joe Biden’s fault. He’s made a complete and total mess of the situation in Afghanistan, and our brave men and women are now sitting ducks at that unsecured Kabul airport, where ISIS is also roaming around.

And it’s ISIS who took responsibility for the deadly bombing.

Looks like Biden has brought ISIS back as well. What a mess…so I can see why God wouldn’t be pleased.


The lightning crash was so loud, that the Marine guarding the door actually jumped, and then he very wisely high-tailed it into the building.

You can watch the video below:

The Lord works in mysterious ways, doesn’t he?


Keep praying, and maybe we can get this incompetent fool out of the White House.

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