Illinois Man Just Received Longest Prison Sentence of Any BLM/Antifa Rioter, Ever

Illinois Man Just Received Longest Prison Sentence of Any BLM/Antifa Rioter, Ever

Well, finally some justice from the “Summer of Love” terror spree that went on for 3 long, violent months.


An Illinois man by the name of Mathew Rupert is going away to federal prison for nearly 9 years for his part in the BLM/Antifa riots last summer.

This is the harshest sentence yet for any BLM/Antifa rioter.

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The Star Tribune reported that an Illinois man was sentenced to nearly nine years in prison for setting fire to a cellphone store during the civil unrest in Minneapolis following George Floyd’s murder.

Matthew Lee Rupert, 29, of Galesburg pleaded guilty to one count of arson in April.

On Tuesday he was sentenced in Minnesota U.S. District Court to 105 months in prison followed by three years of supervised release for burning down a Sprint store, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Rupert drove more than 400 miles to Minnesota to “engage in violence and destruction,” Acting U.S. Attorney Anders Folk said in the release.

“Peaceful protest was not on his agenda.”


Last summer, Rupert was the first to be charged in the riots. He originally was charged with counts of civil disorder and riot as well, but the U.S. Attorney’s Office dropped all but the arson charge as part of a plea agreement.

Rupert livestreamed his riot trip to Minneapolis last summer, including filming part of his role in burning down the Sprint store.

In a previous plea hearing, he admitted to traveling to Minneapolis on May 28 after seeing news of riots breaking out. He posted a message on Facebook inviting “goons” to join him.

You can watch the video below:

It’s about darn time one of these domestic terrorists gets what coming to him.

Americans were forced to sit and watch the country burn for 3 months, while Dem politicians bailed out rioters and ignored all the damage and violence, and deaths.


Now, those same politicians want you to be “outraged” over a 3-hour event at the Capitol, where the only person killed, was an unarmed Trump supporter, and the worst thing that happened to any of these politicians was a stolen podium.

Talk about an out-of-touch ruling class, right?

It’s sickening.

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