Melania Sends Tweet Praying and Honoring US Military Who Died, While Jill Biden Remains Silent

Melania Sends Tweet Praying and Honoring US Military Who Died, While Jill Biden Remains Silent

Today we lost 13 brave US heroes in Kaabal, thanks to the ineptitude of Joe Biden.


The service members were killed when a suicide bomb went off.

Joe Biden closed Bagram Airforce Base, which was secure, and that’s why our military is now stationed at the unsecured Kabul airport, where ISIS is roaming around looking to kill Americans.

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Our military are “sitting ducks” thanks to Joe Biden…and today, 13 died, and another 20 were injured, 10, of whom are in critical condition – again, all thanks to Joe Biden.

Biden waited some 7 hours to even address the matter.

He didn’t say a single word until he held a disastrous presser, where he looked tired, disengaged, and completely out-of-it.

And speaking of staying quiet, it’s now been about 8 hours or so since the bombing, and Jill Biden, the so-called “First Lady” still hasn’t said anything about the deaths.

Not a single word on her official Twitter account.

But Melania Trump has.


Melania took to Twitter where she honored and offered prayers for the families of the fallen.

That’s the right and respectful thing to do.

Here’s what she said: “We are praying for the families and loved ones of the Marine heroes killed in Kabul and for everyone who is suffering during this difficult time.”

Nancy Pelosi also did not tweet out any condolences to the military who lost their lives, and neither did Kamala.


It’s like the Dems become completely polarized when they can’t “spin” something into a political win for themselves.

It’s all about politics for them – seems like those lives don’t matter to them unless they can benefit them politically.

It’s shameful.

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