Obama and Pelosi Have Awkward “Run-In” On Martha’s Vineyard After She Was “Uninvited” to His Bday Bash

Obama and Pelosi Have Awkward “Run-In” On Martha’s Vineyard After She Was “Uninvited” to His Bday Bash

Well, it looks like a desperate and batty Nancy Pelosi “crashed” Obama’s lavish Bday bash.


Pelosi had been reportedly “uninvited” off the list after Obama supposedly “scaled back” his party to only “close friends and family.”

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Uh, no, he didn’t…Not by any “normal person” standards.

But that didn’t stop Pelosi.


She went to Martha’s Vineyard anyway, and according to reports, things got awkward.

Bizpaceview reported that the so-called “scale back” reportedly led to Pelosi being disinvited from the bash, yet she showed up at Martha’s Vineyard anyway, raising eyebrows.

FYI, many, many, many people who’re certainly not “family and close friends” showed up to the bash anyway, making some wonder whether Obama had lied.

One of Pelosi’s aides claimed her decision to conveniently fly into Martha’s Vineyard on the exact same day as Obama’s birthday bash was the result of her needing to attend some “private events in support of House Democrats,” according to the Daily Mail.

The veracity of this claim is unclear, especially since the House speaker was reportedly spotted that afternoon dining with Obama birthday bash guest Oprah Winfrey at an upscale lavish country club. Winfrey is not an elected Democrat.

It was while dining with Winfrey that Pelosi reportedly ran into the former president.

“In a moment of unfortunate timing, Obama had been playing golf on the private course with friends and walked into the clubhouse just as the women dined,” the Daily Mail reported, citing a “well-informed source.”

“The source saw the former president approached Winfrey and Pelosi’s table but could not hear if he extended the speaker a face-saving invitation amid the pleasantries exchanged. It is possible that Obama extended an invite after finding out Pelosi was in the neighborhood.”

The former president had reportedly been playing golf with over 20 so-called “friends” prior to the encounter, including actor Don Cheadle.

How awkward. Pelosi is trying to weasel her way into the superspreader elitist event that she got cut from.



I haven’t seen any photos yet of Pelosi being at this lavish “Let Them Eat Cake” event, but if I do, you’ll be the first to know.

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