Conservative Journalist Says Obama’s Used His Bday Bash to Humiliate Joe Biden 

Conservative Journalist Says Obama’s Used His Bday Bash to Humiliate Joe Biden 

As you likely know by now, Obama held a lavish, opulent, decadent, and totally elitist 60th Birthday bash at his $12 million dollar home on Martha’s Vineyard.


And while most of us have just been calling him and his smug friends “hypocrites,” on conservative journalist has actually come up with a totally different theory that makes a lot of sense.

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His theory is that Obama’s big Bday bash was actually a big “F-YOU” to Joe Biden…maybe a way to remind him, who’s really boss?


John Nolte, a conservative writer for Breitbart put it this way:

Barry Obama’s maskless, 60th birthday bash was the biggest fuck you to Joe Biden in the history of fuck yous.

Here’s His Fraudulency Joe Biden running around trying to scare everyone back into masks and lockdowns, and here’s Barry saying, You know what? Fuck you, Joe. I’m 60. I’m not one of those peasants you want to stick in a mask. I’m Barry, bitch! So I’m having my elite, maskless birthday party, and you’re just going to have to deal with it.

What other explanation could there possibly be for Obama holding a maskless, high-profile, elitist soiree just as Slow Joe and his allies in the fake media are on an anti-science, anti-math rampage to terrify us with the China Flu?

Think about it… At the very same time Biden and the discredited CDC and the fake media are ginning up their latest fear campaign, Barack and Michelle Obama put on a Huge Show in front of the whole world by sticking their collective finger directly in the eye of Biden and this fear campaign.

Obama’s maskless soiree not only put the White House on defense, but it also proved Obama doesn’t take this “delta variant” hysteria seriously. But what it really proved is that he doesn’t take Joe Biden seriously. And on both counts, Obama is exactly right.

That makes sense, because why on earth would the guy who’s really running the shows, look like a chump for the feeble and mindless puppet?

Obama has now placed Joe in a precarious position, having to field all these questions about Obama’s bash and also defend him at the same time.

A bit of a power move?


What do you think about his theory?

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