Watch: Video of Obama Dancing On Stage At Bday Bash Surfaces…Party Looks Like a Packed Vegas Nightclub

Watch: Video of Obama Dancing On Stage At Bday Bash Surfaces…Party Looks Like a Packed Vegas Nightclub

I just have such contempt for the ruling elites in this country.


It’s the smugness, the “let them eat cake” attitude, and the sheer hypocrisy of it all that just infuriates me to the boiling point.

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And nowhere is all of that on display more than at Obama’s 60th Birthday bash – a gathering of every finger-wagging progressive elite who’s been calling you a “Nazi” and a “racist” for 5 or so years now, dancing and partying the night away while telling you to mask up, and threatening new lockdowns.


It’s really so stomach-turning that I am at a loss for words to actually describe it at this point.

But maybe you can come up with some description for it after you watch this video clip from Obama’s Birthday…here he is on stage, dancing, without a care in the world…I think that dance he’s doing is called the “Delta Shuffle.”

You can watch the video below:

Good Lord, Barry’s bash looks like a packed NYC or Vegas nightclub.

But don’t worry, the media won’t mention this, and if they do, they’ll praise Barry for being so “safe,” and they’ll pretend like he actually “scaled back” his party.

In other words, they’ll toe the line for the left, like they always do.


Meanwhile, those of us with EYES can see what’s really going on.

And stuff like this is yet another reason why the public at large doesn’t trust the government or our so-called “leaders…” But they’re just too self-involved to care.

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