[VIDEO] I Promise, You’ll Never See an Olympian Who’s More Proud and Thankful for the USA, Than She is…

[VIDEO] I Promise, You’ll Never See an Olympian Who’s More Proud and Thankful for the USA, Than She is…

Let’s face it. These Olympics stink.


A few bad “woke” apples have ruined it for the bunch.

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I know for me – someone who watched the Olympics from open to close since I was a kid – I have been so soured by these “activist athletes” that I just couldn’t watch even a second of this stuff.

I don’t want politics and activism mixed in with my sports. I see that garbage everywhere already, and I’d like a nice escape from it once in a while.


But of course, like with everything they touch, liberals have ruined the Olympics.

But, even with all the wokeness and disrespect, there are still some amazing people…like this woman I happened upon, who is probably the cutest human being on the planet.

Her name is Tamyra Mensah-Stock and she became the second American woman to win a wrestling gold medal with victory in the 68kg freestyle category on Tuesday.

And I promise you will never see a more patriotic, respectful, and humble Olympian than she is…

What a literal ray of sunshine. I just love her and I know you will as well.

You can watch the video below:

And in case you didn’t think she was already the greatest thing since sliced bread…know what she’s going to do with her Olympian winnings?

She’s going to spend it on her mom and buy her a food truck!


God Bless this woman – after Megan Rapinoe and the others, we really needed this.

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