[VIDEO] Let’s Go For a Horrifying 1 Min. “Sunday Drive” Down Philly’s Most Dangerous Street…

[VIDEO] Let’s Go For a Horrifying 1 Min. “Sunday Drive” Down Philly’s Most Dangerous Street…

No, this isn’t a trailer for the Walking Dead season 11 – this is Kensington Avenue in Philadelphia, PA, in the year 2021.


It literally looks like a zombie apocalypse.

This is what Democrat policies and politics do to people, and it’s heartbreaking and utterly mindblowing to see.

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And keep in mind as you watch this clip – this is the city that reported some 600K “votes” for Joe Biden.


This is the Sunday drive from hell, but it’s important for everyone to see this – because it’s the best example we have of how Democrat policies are literally destroying America.

You can watch the video below:


Here’s what people online said about this shocking video:

“This trailer for The Walking Dead Season 11 is terrible. To be honest, the show should have ended years ago.”

“The city that REPORTED 81% for Joe Biden.” 

“Looks like a typical democrat neighborhood” 

“This is what the city voted for, this is what the city gets, they earned it.”

“Comming to every American community. Thanks. DEMOCRATS for open borders and bail reform. LOOK AT ALL THE DEMOCRATS DON’T THEY LOOK HAPPY?”

“How’d you like to own that real estate?”

“What the hell are most of those people doing? They look like they’re auditioning to be extras in a David Lynch movie.”

“Fundamental Change. (AKA: you get what you vote for)”

“Brought to you by DA Let’um Loose Larry Krasner and Mayor Kenny.”

“Zombie apocalypse”

“I’ve been in 3rd world shit holes that were safer and nicer than this…”

“WTH are these people going to do in winter?”

“Biden’s utopia”

“Alive but not really living. Sad to see even if it’s poor life decisions that put many if not most in this situation. Mental health issues is a common factor as well with homelessness and it seems on display in this video.”

You see something like this and you wonder how on earth we’re allowing this to go on in America?


How are these Democrat politicians allowed to keep their jobs, while utterly failing the people they are tasked with helping?

It seems criminal to me, yet nothing is said, and nobody is held accountable, and the difunctional and dangerous Democrat cycle continues.

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