[VIDEO] Olympic Committee Investigating US “Twerking” Shot-Putter For Protest “Gesture”

[VIDEO] Olympic Committee Investigating US “Twerking” Shot-Putter For Protest “Gesture”

Raven Saunders is the US shot-putter who “twerked” in the camera when she lost the Gold medal to the Chinese.



Well, apparently now she’s being investigated by the IOC.

No, not for twerking – although she should be – it’s for the “X” she made with her arms when she stood on the podium to accept her silver medal.

Sky Sports reported that the gesture used by American athlete Raven Saunders on the medal podium is being investigated by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The 25-year-old raised her arms into an ‘X’ above her head after taking her maiden Games medal in the shot put on Sunday, in what was one of the most visible protests at the Tokyo Olympics so far.


Spokesperson Mark Adams told a press conference on Monday that the IOC is in contact with World Athletics, the governing body for the sport, and the United States’ Olympic and Paralympic committee.

She claims the “X” is the intersection of where all people who are oppressed meet….whatever that’s supposed to mean.

Aren’t you a shot-putter? Please, just throw your ball and save this nonsense for your free time.

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You can watch the video below:

This behavior is abhorrent and selfish, and while a few people applaud this nonsense, the masses have tuned out because they don’t want any part of this “woke/twerking” Olympics.


Once again, liberals have ruined absolutely everything.

Enjoy those tanking ratings, NBC.

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