[VIDEO] Americans Outraged When US Shot Putter “Twerks” For the Camera After Failing to Get Gold

[VIDEO] Americans Outraged When US Shot Putter “Twerks” For the Camera After Failing to Get Gold

I don’t know about you, but these Olympics are making me sick.


From the “activist athletes” nonsense to the quitters and the entitled brats and now the “twerkers,” it’s just too much, and I am thrilled that I haven’t watched.

The only thing I’ve seen from the Tokyo Olympics is what I glimpse online, and from what I gather, it’s ghastly – no wonder the ratings are so low.

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I think the twerking is what put it over the edge for me. Such disrespect and vulgarity. This shouldn’t be what the Olympics are about. And it’s sad to watch the left ruin these games – just like they ruin everything they touch. How can any decent American support this clown show, now?

The twerker is US Shot Putter Raven Saunders – who is a loud and proud lesbian and a radical social and political activist – of course, right?

And of course, she has to drag all that unwanted political baggage to the Olympics and make all of America suffer through it. But before she went off on her political and social rant, she made sure to gyrate for the camera after failing to get the gold.


National File reported that shot putter Raven Saunders aggressively shook her buttocks at the camera in a twerk maneuver after failing to record a gold medal-winning performance at the Tokyo Olympics this weekend, and gave a lengthy speech about intersectionality, LGBT politics, and racial justice at her silver medal acceptance ceremony.

Saunders, sporting a neon green and purple buzzcut, Saunders made an X sign with her wrists at the podium for her silver medal, explaining, “It’s the intersection of where all people who are oppressed meet.”



Icon? They think twerking after a loss is “icon” behavior?

I have to tell you, Americans were horrified at this. The comments went on for days. Here’s a small sampling:

“The contrast with the behavior of athletes from other countries is striking…”

“This is shameful, my lord.”

” What must the other athletes think of us over there? so much disrespect from our athletes.”

“absolutely gross. so happy I stopped watching the Olympics. this shit is just repulsive.”

“No, shaking your ass like a cheap stripper does not make you an icon.”

“That’s awful behavior. Shameful”

“If you’re going to represent America in The Olympics, have some class and don’t act like this in front of the whole world.”

“For shaking their ass? Will this be an event in the next Olympics?”

“If you think that’s iconic and representative of your country it explains so much.”

“trashy and embarrassing” 

“I wonder why the ratings are the lowest ever lol”

This is not what Americans want to see when they turn on the Olympics. We don’t want to see people’s political views, or how they act when they’re at a party.

We want to see sportsmanship and patriotism.


I can’t believe what an utter sham these games are. I went from being someone who watched every game since I was a little girl to being so disgusted, that I’ll likely never turn them on again.

Good riddance.

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