Pro-Trump Actor Robert Davi is Now Directing a Cinematic Hollywood Movie About Hunter Biden 

Pro-Trump Actor Robert Davi is Now Directing a Cinematic Hollywood Movie About Hunter Biden 

Something big is coming from pro-Trump Hollywood legend Robert Davi.


He’s in the midst of directing a movie all about Hunter Biden.

Davi says the style of the movie will be inspired by “American Hustle” and “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

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“It is a compelling, almost Shakespearean portrait of a man and a period in his life that begs examination and of course it is a story everyone is interested in,” Davi said.

Davi says that the conservative movement is lacking the same level of quality entertainment that left-wing Hollywood produces, and that’s why he wanted to do this movie.

The movie is called “My Son Hunter.”

Breitbart reported that Davi will direct a movie based on the life of Hunter Biden that will include his battles with drug addiction and his shady business dealings that became the center of last year’s e-mail scandal.

My Son Hunter will humanize the 51-year-old eldest son of President Joe Biden while also exploring his dark side.


“Stories that need to be told are sometimes ignored by the media and one of the most underreported stories is that of Hunter Biden. It needs to be told fairly, honestly, without demonizing anyone,” Davi said in a statement to Breitbart News.

Davi, who’s written for Breitbart News for years, is one of Hollywood’s most prominent conservative actors. He has starred in the James Bond movie License to Kill, as well as Die Hard, Showgirls, The Goonies, and The Expendables 3.

This is great news – it’s about time that conservatives in Hollywood start making movies like this.


Good for Robert – if we can’t get the fake news to cover Hunter, we’ll just make slick movies about him and get the truth out that way.

I like it!

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