[VIDEO] President Trump Releases The “Mother of All Ads” Condemning Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster

[VIDEO] President Trump Releases The “Mother of All Ads” Condemning Biden’s Afghanistan Disaster

Holy cow.


President Trump just dropped the hammer of Thor on Joe Biden’s head with a damning new ad on not only his Afghanistan failure but all his failures, although Afghanistan is the main focus.

This ad is so savage and so brutal, and 100 percent spot-on, that I don’t know how Joe will ever recover.

Trump was definitely going for the political jugular, and he connected. Yugely.

The timing of the ad, which just came down the pike, lines up with yet another disastrous day on the Afghanistan front.

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Today we found out that the Taliban are actually calling the shots. They told Biden he could not extend his 8/31 deadline, so now, it will be virtually impossible for Biden to get all the Americans out of Afghanistan in time.

As a matter of fact, we’re hearing that US troops are already leaving.

People now fear that they’re leaving Americans to die alone.


Biden was over 2 hours late to his own press conference to discuss Afghanistan.

And when he arrived, he talked about the budget first.

He left without taking a single question.

And then today, Trump’s ad drops, and it’s scorched earth on steroids.

Watch for yourself:

This is just the first round from President Trump.

He’s just warming up.


I don’t think Biden knows what’s about to come his way – but I can tell you this much – it’s about to get a helluva lot worse.

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