[VIDEO] Sounds Like President Trump Has Soured On The Vaccine

[VIDEO] Sounds Like President Trump Has Soured On The Vaccine

By the time this is all said and done, you’ll need 44 shots to fend off one virus with a 99.8 percent average survival rate.


Well, maybe I am exaggerating – sort of – but there’s an issue with the way this vaccine has been handled by Joe Biden.

First off, early on he peddled the vaccine as a “one-and-done” type deal.

You get the vax once and you could remove your mask and life would go back to normal from that point on.

That was the messaging, we all heard it, even though Joe and Kamala wouldn’t take their masks off for months – which was weird.

Anyway, they marketed it as “immunity” whether they said that exact word or not.

This is why everyone was shocked when all of these vaccinated people started getting COVID.

They honestly thought if they took it, life, as they used to know it, would be back.


Now, we’re told that the COVID virus has a slew of “variants” and in order to fight those off, you’ll need booster shots.

How many? Who knows…

But now, a lot of people are asking, is this basically a glorified flu shot?

Nobody really knows, because no one explains anything. We’re just told, “This is what the experts say, you must listen to them…”

Uh, I don’t think so…

And now, even President Trump is souring to this whole “booster” shot situation – and he’s suggesting it’s starting to feel like a money-making scheme.

You can watch the video below:

You can’t blame Americans for being leery.


We have a weird virus that we don’t seem to have all the info on and a lot is not “adding up,” we had a bizarre election that a huge chunk of the US doesn’t buy, a so-called “president” that appears to have Alzheimer’s, and who is so inept, everything he touches falls apart, and a shameless media that covers for him.

Can you really blame people for being leery?

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