Watch: Video of US Military Trying to Train Hapless Afghan Soldiers Goes Viral “We Spent $80 Billion for THIS?”

Watch: Video of US Military Trying to Train Hapless Afghan Soldiers Goes Viral “We Spent $80 Billion for THIS?”

Let’s be perfectly clear – what’s happening in Afghanistan is not the fault of the boots, it’s the suits that ruined everything.


Our brave men and women went over there with honor, courage, and dedication. And they did their part, and we’re forever grateful for their hard work and sacrifice.

It’s those high-IQ Ivy League “thinkers” that screwed all of this up…The Biden Handlers who have such a bad case of TDS, that they refused to follow President Trump’s plan for withdrawal from Afghanistan and went their own way, and it imploded in their faces.

But many will argue that we should have never been in Afghanistan in the first place – that it was a fool’s errand to try and make Afghanistan not “Afghanistan.”

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And this video that’s going viral all over the place online, might be the best “visual” proof of that…

It’s a clip from a few years back of a US soldier trying to train Afghan troops on how to do “jumping jacks.”

It’s remarkable how badly this goes…

People watching this asked, “We spent $80 million for THIS?”

Not to mention all the precious lives that were lost, soldiers who were maimed, and those who still suffer mentally from their tours of duty.


You can watch the video below:

This entire situation is a disaster.


No, we shouldn’t have stayed in Afghanistan, but we should have followed President Trump’s plan, and gotten out of there with our equipment, and also saved all the people and interpreters who helped us.

Not left them there to die.

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