Valerie Jarrett Gets Mocked After Begging For Bday Gift Donations For Multi-Millionaire Barry Obama

Valerie Jarrett Gets Mocked After Begging For Bday Gift Donations For Multi-Millionaire Barry Obama

Remember that big Birthday bash Barry was planning for himself?


He planned to have some 700 or so people at his swanky waterfront mansion on Martha’s Vineyard.

All while we’re supposed to be in the middle of a “horrific Delta pandemic.”

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Well, after getting a whole lotta backlash, Barry has finally decided to “scale back” his big elitist bash.

10 Boston reported that Obama is “significantly” scaling back his 60th birthday bash for this weekend on Martha’s Vineyard.

Hundreds of guests were expected to attend, including many Hollywood stars, Obama administration officials and Democratic donors. Some invitees had already arrived on the island, the New York Times reported, days after President Joe Biden admitted that the pandemic has resurged.

But recent trends led to a last-minute change of plans.

“Due to the new spread of the delta variant over the past week, the President and Mrs. Obama have decided to significantly scale back the event to include only family and close friends. President Obama is appreciative of others sending their birthday wishes from afar and looks forward to seeing people soon,” Hannah Hankins, a spokesperson for Obama, said in a statement to NBC News Wednesday morning.


So, the celebrity-studded elitist bash has been “scaled back….” Poor Birthday Boy Barry…but never fear, BFF Valerie Jarrett is on deck to make things all better.

She decided to use the canceled Bday bash as an excuse to beg for donations for Obama’s presidential library, calling it a “gift” for him – and boy, did she get mocked.

Just look at that snooty, pompous photo she included in her e-begging tweet.

Here’s what people online were saying…there are so many comments like this – over 10K. She really took a beating and rightfully so.

“spend millions on a party for rich folks but he need my donation? scammers!”

“Throwing a party for 700 people at a posh mansion, sure everyone chip in your six bucks to help out the cause LOL”

“I’m turning 35 tomorrow, I’m asking Obama to donate either 6k, or 60k to pay me back for my tripled health insurance premiums I’ve been paying since 2011.”

“No thank you. We would prefer that such a mansion be placed elsewhere, and paid for by the wealth accumulated during your, and his, “public service”.”

“I can’t believe you’re literally asking for money for Obama’s birthday gift..”

“Isn’t he a multi millionaire? Don’t you think it’s pretty tacky to ask us to help pay for a multi millionaire’s party? “

“Why doesn’t he just collect donations from the rich people at his birthday party? Why should anyone donate money to somebody who has hundreds of millions at their disposal?”

“This woman is worth 2.4 million Dollar and ask us to donate for a even more rich man hahahahajjahahahhaha noooooo wtf”

“Hear ye Peasants! The king is hosting a small informal gathering of 700, please pay for it!”

“You’re asking us to donate to him? He lives in a $100mil house and is worth well over $600mill”

“Small businesses closing left and right, but gotta have that shrine, amiright?”

“He is worth 70 mil… but please send any money you have ASAP!”

“Donated $25 in 08 and have never stopped wanting it back”

These smug elites are so incredibly out of touch with average Americans.


Remember when Obama said, “I mean, I do think at a certain point you’ve made enough money.”

I wonder when that point will be for Obama and all his rich liberal pals?

When will they all have “enough,” so they can stop asking us peasants to fund their pet projects?

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