[VIDEO] People Shocked By Unprofessional New “Skit,” Featuring Jen Psaki, WH Created to Push Vaccine

[VIDEO] People Shocked By Unprofessional New “Skit,” Featuring Jen Psaki, WH Created to Push Vaccine

At this point, it takes a lot to offend or shock me.


I’ve seen it all – from musicals about the vaccine to TX Dems singing “We Shall Overcome” as they spread COVID all over DC and everything in between.

But I gotta say – of all the things I’ve seen, this clip here, which is so ghastly and unprofessional that I actually thought it was fake the first two times I watched it, is probably the worst thing yet.

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And the reason it’s so bad is that our actual “White House” put it out. This is a “skit” they came up with to try and push the vaccine.

Honestly, I feel like they need to offer a vaccine for anyone who’s had to watch this woke garbage.


The White House is now using “Gen Z online influencers” to try and get young people – who don’t need the vaccine – to get vaccinated.

I guess this guy here is an “influencer.”

Of what, I don’t know, and I don’t want to know, to be quite honest.

Just watch.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“Our tax dollars helped make this video for @WhiteHouse @JoeBiden and @PressSec. Our country looks insane to anyone with an iota of common sense.”

“Mock this all you want – they are targeting brain dead kids/teenagers on social media Many of whom will go get injected without their parents’ consent after seeing such evil degenerate propaganda”

“I’m only bothered by the gross waste of time and tax payer money to accomplish nothing.”

“There are a lot of people struggling in America, with problems mounting on top of problems. And then there’s this. It’s almost as if the elites hate ordinary Americans and their values.”

“Imagine being the most esteemed office in the world and you film this video.”

“Grosssss and appalling”

“It’s going to be a midterm landslide for Republicans”

“If this is Build Back Better we are…IN A LOT OF TROUBLE”

“If that doesn’t tell the disconnect between the government and the people don’t know what will”

“my god, that’s an embarrassing use of the White House”

“I feel like I lost testosterone watching this”

“I’m old enough to remember Joe Biden saying his administration would be a serious one. I guess another lie revealed.”

“Is it possible to get unvaccinated? Asking for a friend”

“Please tell me this isn’t real? China and Russia must be laughing so hard right now.”


Oh trust me, our enemies are not only laughing at us, but they’re also licking their chops.

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