[VIDEO] It’s Happening…A Mob of Australian Protesters Just Physically Busted Through a Huge Police Line

[VIDEO] It’s Happening…A Mob of Australian Protesters Just Physically Busted Through a Huge Police Line

Tensions are running high in Australia, as government officials continue to impose draconian-like COVD measures on the entire country.


It’s quite an alarming sight to see and shows how politicians are using this virus – with a 99.8 survival rate – as a way to wield power over their citizens.

But as in every situation like this throughout history, the people are finally beginning to fight back.

A huge group of Australian anti-lockdown protesters faced off against a huge police line in Melbourne.

The anti-lock-down crowd mowed down the cops and busted through the line – it looked like something out of a Hollywood movie.

NZ Herald reported that six police officers were taken to hospital with serious injuries, including broken bones, after they violently clashed with hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters in Melbourne.

Commander Mark Galliott said police were confronted by “angry and aggressive young males”, with many throwing bottles, stones, and other objects at officers.

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“What we saw today was a group of protesters that came together not to protest freedoms, but simply to take on and have a fight with the police,” he told reporters on Saturday.

The violence resulted in 235 people being arrested, with 193 of them linked to breaching the chief health officer’s directions.

Other alleged offences included assaulting police and riotous behaviour, as well as weapons and drug charges.

In total, 10 police officers were injured, with six taken to hospital and three of them still being treated.

Their injuries included torn muscles, a broken elbow, a broken nose, and a broken finger.

You can watch the video below:

You can only push some people so far before they snap and fight back.


But, what’s happening in Australia is an alarming reminder of how quickly a tyrannical government can take over its citizens in the name of so-called “safety.”

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