What Media and Dems Are Doing to “Spin” AZ Audit Was Just Perfectly Explained in One Short and Simple Tweet

What Media and Dems Are Doing to “Spin” AZ Audit Was Just Perfectly Explained in One Short and Simple Tweet

The media and Dems – who claimed the AZ Audit was a “joke” and didn’t matter – have RUSHED out, like bats out of the bowels of hell in order to spin the findings in their favor.


And to their credit, their quick and relentless onslaught has confused a lot of people.

But I am here to clear things up for you – quick and easy.

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Firstly, did the AZ audit prove Joe Biden “won” the 2020 election in that state?

Uh, NO.

No, no, no.

Not at all.

So, how are the media and Dems spinning it to look like it did?

Simple – it’s the same trick they used right after the election was over to claim there was no “voter fraud.”

The media and Dems say that the number of ballots recounted is similar to the original ballot count, hence, everything is hunky-dory.

Dems always focus on the raw number of ballots, not the quality of the ballots.

This is their talking point – the same one they’ve been using for eons…and the same one the media has parroted, as well.


Yes, the AZ audit showed similar ballot counts from 2020 to now. That’s fine – that wasn’t in question.

The question was about the quality of those ballots that were mailed in.

And the AZ audit has answered that question: there are a lot of huge, glaring, and alarming problems that they’ve found.

But of course, the media and Dems just keep pushing their tired old narrative.

I saw this tweet from a Trump supporter yesterday and it really rang true and called out exactly what the media was doing in such a simple and easy-t0-understand way.

Here’s what the user said:

“Dear Fake News Media, Yes – the AZ audit found no big discrepancy between the original ballot count & the hand count NO – that does NOT confirm Biden’s “win” WHY? Because (more importantly) the audit found that tens of thousands of those ballots SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN COUNTED”

Exactly. Well said, and spot-on.

The number of ballots at this point is insignificant until all the duplicate, fraudulent, and illegal ballots are removed from the count


And according to this audit, which apparently the media and Dems are now claiming is “legit,” the audit did discover thousands and thousands of those “bad” ballots.

Enough to change the results, according to reports.

So, please, don’t let this tiresome spin get you down – this is what the media does – and they wouldn’t be doing it if they weren’t worried.


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