[VIDEO] Bibi Netanyahu Just Mocked Joe Biden’s Appearance During FB Live Session

[VIDEO] Bibi Netanyahu Just Mocked Joe Biden’s Appearance During FB Live Session

You’ll recall when Israel’s new PM was invited to the White House and it looked like Joe Biden fell asleep while the poor guy was talking, right?


The “fact-checkers” raced to Joe’s side and told everyone that Joe wasn’t sleeping, he was wide awake and just deeply pondering what the prime minister was saying.

Okay, then…

However, that “fact” didn’t stand in the way of Israel’s former Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu mocking Joe Biden’s appearance.


Bibi appeared on FaceBook live, where he took a rather savage jab at Biden – at a time when the US and the entire world is piling on the bumbling so-called “president.”

As you likely know by now, here in the US the “F Joe Biden” chant has practically become a national past-time.

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And Sky News and the UK have been very honest in their reporting of Biden’s very embarrassing and very obvious cognitive issues.

So, it’s not really a shock that Bibi would add to the chorus of people who are mocking and berating Joe Biden.

Here’s the translation of what Bibi said about Joe during the FB Live session:

“In FB Live, Netanyahu mocked Biden’s physical appearance during Oval Office meeting with Bennett: “I heard Biden was very attentive to what Bennett had to say… He dropped his head in agreement.”

Yes, yes, Joe dropped his head to ponder his navel, while the PM spoke – that sounds about right.

You can watch the video below:

Well, I guess it’s safe to say that Bibi, like most of the world, was not convinced by the fact-checkers claims on this particular story.

Sometimes it’s better just to let people see what they see with their own eyes, without correcting them.


In the end, the type of hyper-focus we saw from fact-checkers on this story, tends to look forced and propaganda-ish” to most people.

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