After Countless Families Told Joe to “Stay Away” on 9/11, WH Announces Update to Biden’s Plans

After Countless Families Told Joe to “Stay Away” on 9/11, WH Announces Update to Biden’s Plans

Countless 9/11 families have asked Joe Biden to stay away from Ground Zero.


The country is not in the mood to hear from Joe Biden – a man with a 39 percent approval rating in the latest YouGov poll, who just abandoned Americans behind enemy lines in Afghanistan, after 13 of our brave warriors were killed in action, thanks in large part to his ineptitude.

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And don’t forget, Biden was heckled pretty savagely when he toured Ida storm damage in New Jersey and New York.

Not to mention, this past weekend several “F** BIDEN” chants broke out at college football games and other events across the country.

Clearly, the so-called “president” is not popular with the American people.

Yet, despite many families’ pleas, we’ve been told that Joe Biden and his wife will visit all three sites of the 9/11 attack.

Reuters reported that Joe Biden will visit all three sites of the Sept. 11, 2001, hijacking attacks next week to honor the nearly 3,000 people killed and mark the 20th anniversary of the most lethal terrorist assault on U.S. soil, the White House said.


However, we just learned that Joe Biden will not be delivering any live remarks.

That’s good. 

White House is reporting that any address Biden makes about the 9/11 attacks will be pre-recorded and possibly played at events.

This news just came down the pike:

Breitbart reporter Charlie Spiering said: “Jen Psaki confirms Joe Biden will not deliver a live speech on 20th anniversary of 9/11. “You will hear from him in the form of a video in advance — or if that will be available that day, I should say.”

Here’s what folks are saying about this update:

“The families have made it clear they don’t want his shaky corpse anywhere near them.” 

“Doesn’t want the world to see him try to read a teleprompter live. Because he’ll likely say something ultra offensive.””They don’t want to risk the optics of organized veterans protesting; actually shouting down any live speech. That recorded would be an optics disaster. I suspect a good portion of any crowd showing up in front of him would boo.”

“Gonna see more of this. Video edits and multiple takes as he stumbles through reading the script. All of this is completely normal.”

“Is that so you can edit out his ramblings or when he loses the battle with the teleprompter?”

“The families don’t want him there. They don’t want him booed on 9/11” 

“Will he still be on vacay in Delaware? We prefer he is not in DC.”

“This f*ker doesn’t give a sh*t about anyone but himself.”

Is this decision being made because Biden’s Handler’s tested the temperate of the room and decided it best not to anger families or Americans any further with one of Joe’s infamous “marble mouth” speeches?

Perhaps, or maybe Joe won’t have the energy or “mental bandwidth” after visiting three spots in one day.


Or, they may not want to deal with more of his “cognitive” issues on display or risk him saying something “offensive” if he goes off the flashcards and teleprompter.

Either way, it’s a good thing that he won’t be speaking live.

After how he offended many Gold Star families, Joe Biden should respect the victim’s families who are asking him to steer clear and let this day be about them, not some “lame-duck” so-called “president” with abysmal poll numbers.

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