If Biden’s Team Is Hell Bent On Stopping Him From Interacting And Doing His Job, We’re In Bigger Trouble!

If Biden’s Team Is Hell Bent On Stopping Him From Interacting And Doing His Job, We’re In Bigger Trouble!

The American People have the right to know who’s calling the shots and why because the majority of American’s don’t believe it’s Joe Biden.

It seems to many voters that the plan all along was to have Joe as the frontman, with promises of pomp and circumstance, White House, cars, big shiny planes, and nice trips while they do as much damage behind the scenes as they can muster.

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Joe can’t say “Good Morning” without lousing it up; we have all seen that. He’s a token President, but who is calling the shots, the ones that are failing on an hourly basis? Never before has it been so evident that the President only is a face to the crowd. So many people, behind the scenes, are running this country into the ground. This has to be some record for such incompetency over such a short period.

The fact that Joe seems to be under control by his puppeteers shows they don’t even trust him, so how can the American people trust him.  When you have a president that doesn’t speak for himself, what kind of leadership is that?

I’m stunned that as many as 50M or so people voted for the guy. It is evident that he wasn’t all there, mentally, and it was also apparent that his campaign staff was hiding him. It was even joked about that he essentially didn’t run a campaign at all. How gullible do you have to be to believe that covid was the real reason he didn’t campaign?

If he can’t manage himself independently, then he needs to go. This is not a presidency by committee. We need a mentally stable Commander in Chief. His closest advisors need to convince him to step down. So you hear that, Dr. Biden? Your husband has already harmed our country.

If they are going to such lengths to stop him from interacting and doing his job, then we are in bigger trouble than anyone can imagine, and he is farther gone than anyone ever thought! At this point, we should all be concerned about who’s running the show because it’s not anyone anybody voted for! This is scary stuff, and Biden, Harris, and this administration need to go immediately before destroying this country worse than they already have! Our government is out of control and tanking our country at record speed!

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The total incompetence of this administration is apparent:

  • The foreign policy is a complete failure causing chaos in Afghanistan, supplying military weapons to terrorists, and costing American lives.
  • The domestic policy is a complete failure with record violent crime rates throughout the democrat-controlled cities in our country.
  • The border policy is a complete failure costing taxpayers billions of dollars.
  • The economic borrow and squander policy is causing inflation.
  • The energy policy harms America’s energy independence, and we are all paying more at the pumps.

What hurts is seeing Americans that SUPPORT anything the Democrats are doing.

I recommend that anyone interested in this alleged Biden cover-up effect take some time to read about former President Woodrow Wilson. The man became so ill and disabled that he clearly could not govern anymore. At that time, our Constitution had not yet been amended to provide for an unfit President. Wilson’s wife and a few significant advisors ended up running the Federal government in his place.

Are we faced with a very similar circumstance with Biden? I think so. Yet, we have removal protocols now in place. So, why are they ignored?

Biden’s handlers managed to pull off, preventing Biden from answering any questions at all during his campaign – unless they were scripted ahead of time, and asked by members of the media that Biden was told to call upon.

If Biden made a campaign appearance anywhere, he’d give a scripted speech, and then 99.9% of the time, immediately walk away afterward and refuse to take any questions or talk off-script. And the media knew this was an issue!

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They had to have known Biden had cognitive issues and couldn’t talk off script, and yet the media propped Biden up by trying to cover up Biden’s gaffes and shortcomings as best they could.

Never mind that Biden was not up to the task of being president! And only now the media seem to be outraged, and act surprised that Biden still won’t answer questions, and admits that he is not calling the shots? Wow.



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