[VIDEO] Biden’s Motorcade Savagely Booed at Long Beach City College in California

[VIDEO] Biden’s Motorcade Savagely Booed at Long Beach City College in California

The natives are getting restless, and it’s not just the MAGA crowd.


Mainstream Americans are tired of Joe Biden’s ineptitude, nasty bossy behavior, and his crumbling brain and they’re taking to the streets, stadiums, and other events, to lash out at the unpopular so-called “president.”

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] “F Joe Biden” Chant Goes Mainstream During Anti-Vax Mandate Protest on Brooklyn Bridge 

We’re only 9 months into Biden’s disastrous sham “presidency” and already the country is over it.

Inflation is soaring, gas prices are high, the COVID mess is out of control, our foreign policy is a dangerous joke, and our border is a nightmare.

The breaking point was Afghanistan – that opened the floodgates, and people felt comfortable to finally let out how they really feel about Joe Biden.

Joe voters began removing their “Biden” lawn signs, average Americans who aren’t very “political” began chanting “F Joe Biden” at football games and other events, and Trump supporters took to the streets waving their “Trump Won” flags for the world to see.

And while the few Joe supporters out there would say that these are all Trump supporters protesting Biden, they’d be wrong.


Because the “F Joe Biden” mantra is going mainstream – at an anti-vax mandate protest in NYC, people who are not MAGA at all chanted “F Joe Biden” on the Brooklyn Bridge.

It’s quite a sight to see.

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And speaking of sights to see – After being pummeled by thousands in Boise, who booed his motorcade, Biden traveled to Cali, and this is what he was met with…

You can watch this video below:

Joe Biden can run, but he can’t hide.


Americans are pissed off, and fed-up and things are only going to get worse because the main issue for Joe Biden is that he’s mentally unfit for office, and everyone under the sun can see that with their own eyes.

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