Biden Campaigned From His Basement That He Would Unite The Country; Many Wish He Was Still There!

Biden Campaigned From His Basement That He Would Unite The Country; Many Wish He Was Still There!

The cognitively impaired Joe Biden campaigned from his basement, particularly how he would unite the country and defeat COVID. He has done neither; he has made things so much worse.

He lost every primary leading up to South Carolina, where the puppeteers saw the opportunity to once again buy off Bernie Sanders and insert the impotent Biden. And the rest is the legacy of Biden. In just eight months, he has become the absolute worst president that the US has ever had. Jimmy Carter can now go to his grave, knowing that he has been surpassed.

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And these polls of individuals who claim to approve of what Biden is doing. I’m honestly blown away by the positivity of these polls; I would have assumed there would be at least 55% of people against him in every category. Can you believe that 51% of people vs. 45% think the Biden Admin has been competent and effective at managing the government?! This makes me question the integrity of this country.

This is why nobody believes polls: No rational person would think Biden is competent. He clearly shows he has some mental decline. This was before he was elected. He is a vegetable. He has often claimed he is not in charge. A meat sack is being told what to do.

The move to the radical ends of politics started under Bill Clinton and continued with George W. Bush and Barack Obama under Donald Trump. Now we’re under an elderly man with no plan. Remember when Hillary Clinton called half the country irredeemable deplorables and of course when Trump won, the radial left labeled Trump and his supporters all racists and White Supremacists. The division is because of the radical left-wing extremists that have hijacked the Democrat party.

I know this might depress you for now, but it is unlikely that any future President will be able to unify the country, including Donald Trump. We’re too divided now, and the simple fact is that even the smaller groups are now big enough to make noise about what THEIR people want. Most of them reject the idea of America and are ethnocentric above all else. Right now, they band together because they want the current biggest group toppled. After that, they’ll turn on each other. Not a promising future.

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Unfortunately, a segment of our society tries to silence each other continually. The progressive liberals took over the Biden Administration, and they will never work with more conservative citizens. They will bully their way to their goals of turning this country into a Socialist Society. Ironically, Biden states that he wants to “heal” this Nation while forcing hard-working middle-class families to pay for his Socialist plans while the rich Democrats get richer, and he tries to say that the Rich are Republicans. There were no rich Republicans at the MetGala; look at corporate America; they are no longer Republicans; they are just wealthy Democrats. It’s time for Republicans to quit carrying Corporate America’s water. We need to turn our backs on all of them.

As an opposition voice to Democrats and the liberal media, I genuinely believe Republican leaders are perfectly content with letting Democrats destroy this country. I feel like violence will soon be the only way to keep traditional American values alive, and I hate saying that.

My friends feel the healing and uniting of this country will not begin until everyone is allowed free speech and this cancel culture is eliminated.  We desperately need term limits for the people supposed to represent us, and we do need Voter ID.

If you objectively think that Biden is doing a good job as President, you are ignorant of what a “good job” means. Let’s hope that Dem cheating in the election in 2022 doesn’t prevent the Republican congressional landslide that should happen. Dems have indeed divided and in many ways destroyed America. It seems too late to fix it; I hope I’m wrong.

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Biden is hands down the worst president in my lifetime. I am 53 years old, and I can’t remember a more anti-America president than he is. I think China has so much on him that he has to do their bidding, which is part of what is going on. Nothing he has done has helped Americans, but it sure has hurt us. Gas prices going through the roof, he immediately stopped the pipeline and killed tons of good jobs. He is letting the border be wide open. He is practically begging illegals to come in. All prices are going up. Everything is getting worse, not better, and we still have at least three more years of him.

Biden needs to be in a long-term care facility where he cannot wander around aimlessly lost, and I am not even trying to be funny.


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