[VIDEO] Trump Releases Most Damning Ad Yet Against Joe Biden…One Interesting Clip Keeps Popping Up in Each Ad

[VIDEO] Trump Releases Most Damning Ad Yet Against Joe Biden…One Interesting Clip Keeps Popping Up in Each Ad

President Trump keeps hammering Joe Biden on Afghanistan with these damning ads…each one thus far has been worse than the last.


He’s released two so far, and this latest one is a doozy.

But one thing I have noticed that President Trump keeps adding to each video – which is not “Afghanistan-related” is the humiliating image of Joe Biden falling up the stairs of Air Force One.

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Now, one thing about President Trump, which he has said in the past, is that his biggest “fear” was falling on camera – and rightfully so, the media dragged him through the mud once for just “walking carefully” down a slippery ramp.

So, Joe Biden’s massive and embarrassing fall – three times – UP the stairs, must’ve seemed catastrophic to President Trump, who made it four years without falling. And I agree, it was catostrphic.

I honestly don’t think Biden ever recovered from that devastating fall. I think that was the point where things just kept skidding downhill, both for him and for Americans, who saw that as complete and total weakness.

It’s a powerful image of weakness and that’s why President Trump keeps including it.



But this new ad is more devastating than just the clip of Joe falling like a buffoon up the stairs.

President Trump manages to tell a very compelling and devastating story of Joe Biden’s weakness and his epic and deadly failures.

You can watch the video below:

I would imagine that ads like this will be used a lot in 2022 and 2024.


They’re very damning not only to Biden but the Democrat Party as a whole.

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