Bizarre Photo of Joe Biden at 9/11 Ceremony Causes Commotion Online

Bizarre Photo of Joe Biden at 9/11 Ceremony Causes Commotion Online

Today is the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.


Never Forget.

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Sadly, many of the victim’s families did not want Joe Biden at the ceremony today. As you likely know, Biden’s polls are plunging, and Americans are very disturbed at how he bungled Afghanistan, how poorly he treated some Gold Star families, and how abysmally he’s mishandled COVID.

But despite their wishes, Joe Biden showed up at the ceremony with the “axis of evil,” by his side, including the Clintons and the Obamas.

And one photo snapped by a Getty photographer has made the rounds online, and people are outraged.

It’s a photo of Joe Biden with his mask pulled down, appearing to say something in a very “animated fashion” – some say it looks as if he’s “yelling.”

Granted, there is absolutely no context (as of now) for this photo. For all we know, he could have been innocently responding – rather dramatically – to something someone said to him.

But it goes without saying, that when you’re the so-called “leader of the free world” your every move and expression will be under a microscope at all times. We certainly learned that during the Trump era didn’t we? The media watched his every move like a hawk, and a lot of times things were taken way out of context, so keep that in mind, as you read this.

Breitbart reporter Charles Spiering shared the photo and here’s what he said:


“Getty captures Joe Biden pulling down his mask to shout out at someone in the crowd at the 9/11 ceremony”

And here are some of the comments from folks online:

“I watched as they showed a little of him while they were reading names. During the first moment of silence he was looking around while everyone else had their head bowed. Then he had his arms crossed looking down at his watch.”

“Demented old Jackass”


“Notice they are all traitors of America. All democrats.”

“So much evil in this picture.”

“I was thinking maybe collectively there are millions of people lost their lives because of the people in this photo!”

“This picture makes me want to throw up my oatmeal. It gets worse going down the line.”

“All that evil and deceit in one picture.”

“Why did Joe leave early?

“Maybe he’s yelling for someone to go get the Americans still in Afghanistan…. Because you know he FORGOT.”

“Utter embarrassment.”

“None of this is serious.”

“He is yelling, ‘get off my lawn'”

“Like a 2yr old”

“So much slime in one pic”


“This is his “look at his watch” moment.”

“My Son Beau Died!”

“He does that when he wants pudding.”

“Look at the evil in this photo. No wonder I feel sick this morning”

This is what Lou Dobbs said about the photo:

And Newsmax’s Greg Kelly:


The way Obama is looking at him, says to me that it may have been an “inappropriate” moment.

Again, I don’t know what Joe was motivated by here to make such a bizarre facial expression at a somber ceremony, but if I find out, I will update this piece.

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