Biden’s Approval Numbers Dip Below 40 in New Mainstream Media Poll

Biden’s Approval Numbers Dip Below 40 in New Mainstream Media Poll

Is it time for absolute panic for Joe Biden and the Dems?



A new mainstream media poll, that used D+10, now has Biden at 39 percent approval.

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That’s ghastly beyond words. Realistically he’s likely in the mid to high 20’s at best.

It’s official, America hates Joe Biden.


Take a look:

This is a mainstream media pollster who is “friendly” to Dems.

So, yes, this is a complete disaster for Joe.

And while Afghanistan is the rocket that sent Joe into Outerspace, it’s not the only reason that Americans are fed up with him.

Every single time Joe Biden steps in front of the camera he does something new to prove that he’s unfit to serve.

His cognitive issues are off the charts bad, and for anyone to think that Americans don’t see this and have an issue with it, is absurd.

Yes, Biden made a mess in Afghanistan, but I would guess if it was polled, we’d see that most Americans believe it all went to hell in a handbasket because they believe Biden isn’t “mentally fit” to do the job.

And that is a fact that will stay with him, because unlike policies and stances on issues, Biden can’t change the way his brain works.

Here’s what people are saying about these ghastly poll numbers:

“Terrified they’re taking this as a cue to crank up the authoritarianism”

“So real approval is like 20%??? 81 million right?”

“How can it possibly be that high?”

“As for the mid-terms…the Democratic Party as a whole is actually LESS popular than Biden. Page 218. Just 37% approve of the Dem party and 54% disapprove”

“44% of Independents strongly disapprove. YIKES.”

“And that’s with the fakers in the “mainstream media” rigging the polls.”

“Underwater with Independents and moderates… Best wishes Ice Cream Man…” 

“Biden’s approval is sinking faster than Teddy Kennedy’s Oldsmobile.”

The polls were rigged to show Trump was unpopular, and the polls are rigged to show Biden is popular.

So, how bad does it have to be for Biden right now, to be under 40 percent, with the rigged polls?

It’s really bad.


Will they bring in Kamala? I don’t think Joe will go quietly…Jill Biden likes playing “fake president” far too much to just walk away.

And honestly, I don’t think Team Obama wants to make that swap, because they know Kamala can’t beat Trump and she’s only a point or two more “popular” than Biden.

My best guess is that they’ll allow Joe to finish out his lame-duck term, cast Kamala aside, and try and run someone like Warren or Mayor Pete in 2024.

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