Biden’s DOJ Plans To Intervene To Help Women Get Abortions?

Biden’s DOJ Plans To Intervene To Help Women Get Abortions?

Republicans have hijacked the top news focus from Americans left in Afghanistan to abortion rights, and I will address that at another time because I feel this could have been done at another time. Still, like I always say, Republicans don’t know how to fight, and the people they have in charge are clueless.

With that said, Texas passed a controversial law last week. According to Fox News, ‘Texas’ new abortion law enables private citizens to bring a civil lawsuit against an abortionist or someone who aids and abets abortion if the abortion provider detected the unborn baby’s heartbeat before carrying out the procedure, or if they refuse to check for a heartbeat after roughly six weeks’ gestation.”

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Now, Attorney General Merrick Garland has vowed to protect abortions for women who want them in the state of Texas.

Before we move further, let’s not forget Margaret Sanger was the founder of what is now Planned Parenthood, and her original idea was to control birth in a minority community.

With that said, abortion has NOTHING to do with health care. I don’t care what your guru might have told you; I am giving you the truth. It is the deliberate murder of babies by the mother and institutions that perform and support it. Abortion is a sacrifice of innocent lives that cannot speak for themselves. These are children, not tissue. When a dog is pregnant, it is pregnant with puppies. When a human is pregnant, it is a human baby. Everyone that supports abortion will be held accountable.

“Birthing people” in TX can still get abortions; they just have to have them by the end of the first trimester. If they don’t like that, they can always use a reliable form of birth control and not get pregnant in the first place! Somebody needs to explain to Merritt Garland how babies get made and explain how there are ways to prevent conception.

No wonder Mitch McConnell did not want Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court. Now it all makes sense; he definitely aligns with Democrats.

What are Democrats planning to run on? Higher taxes, millions more illegal immigrants funded by taxpayers, tens of thousands of Afghan refugees, higher gas prices, inflation, defunding the police, higher crime rates, higher unemployment, higher COVID numbers, more homeless?

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When are the men in America going to rise! Both parents should have responsibility. Most women regret the decision afterward. My husband sobbed when he recently found out his girlfriend from high school aborted their baby. I realized, seeing his pain, how this is so wrong. Our girls have so many options to prevent pregnancy. Why does it have to come to this?

What would it be like if Garland sat on the Supreme Court? We already have that universal liberal Roberts. Could you see these two together? God helps us. It’s bad enough with the group we have now. Thank you, Judge Thomas and Alito; at least we have a running start. I can’t believe Democrats are so unforgiving not to give an infant a chance.

Doesn’t it seem like the liberal’s answer to everything is, “I don’t care what anyone else thinks, even the courts?” 

There truly are some well-educated women that rely on abortion for their birth control. I had a friend at one time, she had 3 in one year, and she is a registered nurse. She lives in Minnesota (go figure) now and raised her three daughters with the same mindset. Her oldest has relied on the abortion pill 6 times, and now she wants a baby and can’t conceive. And my former friend wants nothing more than to be a grandma. There are consequences to actions. Maybe not immediately, but there are consequences.

When you treat human life as trash, literally, absolutely, there will be consequences. You can’t just make the case that because this or that pregnancy was not aborted, you cared about it more than the ones dumped in the trash bin. You either are a caring person who respects the divinity of life (Pelosi, anyone?), or you’re not.

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There is absolutely no proper attention and care provided in an abortion mill. That is why they so vehemently oppose being held to the same requirements as doctor’s offices and clinics in the very construction and equipping of the facilities. And oppose requirements for doctors to have to admit permissions at nearby hospitals. And the reason why patients that have emergencies are wrapped up, put in taxis, and sent to the nearest emergency room.

Your body, your choice? Take responsibility for what you do to your body, then. We should be teaching our children (to say nothing about the adults) that if you choose to be so careless as to get pregnant, then there are consequences. The murder of unborn, helpless children is not an option for lack of responsibility. Abortion is not to be equated with prevention as it has come to be. How a country treats its most vulnerable is the face of who that country is.

We need to bring back some shame to America, maybe the leaders will straighten up and fly right if that occurs, eh?



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