CBS Posts Strange Message That Has People Wondering if “China” is Writing Their Tweets 

CBS Posts Strange Message That Has People Wondering if “China” is Writing Their Tweets 

As the Delta Variant “surges,” we’re seeing a lot of the same type of reports we saw when COVID first hit – claims that hospitals are overflowing with COVID-sick people.


The problem with that narrative from 2020, is that new orgs like CBS used B-roll footage from crowded Italian hospitals while doing stories on supposedly overflowing New York Hospitals.

Fox News reported on that scandal.

CBS News admitted to a “mistake” on Monday after airing footage of an overcrowded hospital room that was allegedly in New York City but was actually from a hospital in Italy.

“It was an editing mistake. We took immediate steps to remove it from all platforms and shows,” a CBS News spokesperson told Fox News.

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Also, there were hundreds and hundreds of medical professionals doing synchronized dancing and “Titanic” recreations during the “deadly pandemic,” and all while hospitals were supposedly “overflowing.”


It was a very confusing message, just like what we always see with COVID – constant confusion and strange messaging.

And here we are now with the Delta variant and we have the same narrative coming out again about the hospitals overflowing and long wait times.

And CBS just added to the confusion with another bizarre message talking about “overflowing” hospitals in Texas.

The way they phrased their tweet raised a lot of eyebrows and made some people think maybe China is writing their tweets.


Here’s what CBS said:

“Patients forced to wait thousands of minutes in rural Texas ER: “We’ve never seen this. Ever.”

The line “thousands of minutes” is what caught people odd. First off, a “thousand minutes” is about 17 hours…so “thousands” of minutes would be like an entire day…people are waiting for a day or more? Makes no sense.

Also, in the US we don’t use that type of description for the lapse of time.

The entire tweet felt very strange.

Here’s what folks online said:

“Thousands of minutes,” huh? Sounds like some clown in Bejing wrote this for CBS.”

“You guys can’t just copy+paste what the CCP sends you every morning. At least try and westernize it a bit”

“Thousands of minutes. Really? Anything to exaggerate the details. Hours or days didn’t do it for you? Thousands of minutes must have more fear pizazz. And you can’t figure out why the media has lost trust.”

“millions of seconds.”

“thousands of minutes”? Why make up units of time? “

“What is CBS doing talking like this, Americans don’t say stuff like this. Who’s writing these tweets? China?”

“Nice, China now spending “thousands of minutes” writing tweets for CBS.” 

“Article links to a 2020 article as if it was recent. Pathetic.”


This feels like, “here we go again,” with more of the manufactured fear and hysteria that we dealt with when COVID first hit.

But people are over it and see much quicker the little games and tricks the media uses “thousands of minutes” a day on us.

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