[VIDEO] New “Hit Piece” on DeSantis backfires So Badly, That It Makes Him Look Really Cool and Awesome

[VIDEO] New “Hit Piece” on DeSantis backfires So Badly, That It Makes Him Look Really Cool and Awesome

The left has a really hard time going after Ron DeSantis, because much like President Trump, DeSantis is speaking common sense and representing the “silent majority,” not the fringe group of communist kooks.


This is why liberals also have Stage Five DeSantis Derangement Syndrome…it causes them to do the dumbest things – like try and make “hit pieces” against him, that turn out to be PR pieces for DeSantis, instead.

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Yep, that’s exactly what happened to the group “Remove Ron” who thought they were unleashing this horrific new hit-piece ad against the Florida governor, who is up for re-election in 2022.

But instead, people watched the ad, and said, “WOW, Ron DeSantis is amazing!”


You can watch the video below:

I mean, Ron and Florida look totally normal and awesome, right?

After watching that, I feel like I should sell my house in Michigan and go move to Florida.

The comments on the video are hilarious and not at all what the “Remove Ron” folks were hoping for:

“DeSantis should shout these guys out at his next rally, this ad probably won him millions of votes.”

“Does DeSantis have to declare the cost of this ad as a campaign contribution?”

“This is the greatest campaign video ever, the branch COVIDians have completely lost it”

DeSantis: “We’re going to enforce personal liberty here.” You nitwits: “It’s a literal dystopian hellscape!””

“Hahahahahaha This just makes Florida look even better . Hope we keep DeSantis forever”

“You know they published this with a smile on their face and thought “We got him.””

“I’m so motivated to move to Florida now.”

“So glad I live in Florida. Truly appreciate the leadership of Governor DeSantis.”

“This is hilarious and makes me want to move there even more”

“Thanks to whoever put this together. My house is going up for sale and I’m moving to Florida it sounds like paradise”

“Makes me want to move back to Florida immediately. Way to go. DeSantis is the man!!”

“What a wonderful promotional ad FOR Florida and DeSantis. Well done!”

“Just think that there are probably real liberals that watch this and start shaking/crying at all the freedom of choice going on in Florida. I can’t believe this is not satire.”

“This is the greatest campaign ad for a governor I’ve ever seen”

Good Lord, these COVID-obsessed dystopian weirdos really believe that everyone wants to live like they do in New York and California.

No, they do not.


Americans have had it with this politicized virus and want the government communist tyrants to get the hell out of our way.

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