[VIDEO] Dog The Bounty Hunter is Now Looking For Brian Laundrie, and He’s Starting Right At His Front Door 

[VIDEO] Dog The Bounty Hunter is Now Looking For Brian Laundrie, and He’s Starting Right At His Front Door 

Why the heck can’t authorities find Biran Laundrie?


Is this guy the biggest escape artist since Houdini? It’s starting to feel that way.

The bigger question is why on earth did officials, namely the FBI, allow him to just walk away as if he didn’t have a care in the world?

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Maybe the FBI was too busy staging “insurrections” and focusing on Trump supporters, to catch the bad guys?

Who knows, but now we’ve got the body of a murdered young girl, and the number one suspect is *God knows where.*

Thankfully people like John Walsh have stepped up to help – and he’s using his hit TV show “In Pursuit” to try and hunt Laundrie down.

And now, another well-known figure has just stepped up to help.


Legendary bounty hunter “Dog” is now vowing to find Laundrie…and he started off his search at Brian’s front door…because Dog believes the key to finding Brian lies with his parents, who he thinks is in on this…

For what it’s worth, John Walsh thinks the same thing.

Bizpacreview reported that in an exclusive interview with Fox News following the door-knocking, Chapman said his goal had been to offer Laundrie’s parents a chance to get their son out of this mess alive.

“Right now we gotta hunt him as a wanted fugitive, so the reason I went to Mr. Laundrie is because I carry a reputation with me. You see me every night on Pluto TV. The reputation is he gives you a second chance. He gonna get you, but he gives you a second chance,” he explained.

Unlike the traditional authorities, Chapman doesn’t and has never carried a weapon, meaning fugitives face no risk of being killed when he’s involved.

“So I thought, wow, the dad’s gonna, you know, see me and crack. And I know the kid knows me — probably one of my fans — so I thought the dad would answer and talk, but I was very persistent without disturbing the peace and knocked a few times so they saw it was me,” the legendary bounty hunter continued.

“And I didn’t play nasty and put a copy of the warrant on their front door. None of that. I was very respectful, and the dad can still reach out to me through social media. Let’s get the kid captured alive. Alive!”

His assumption, of course, is that Laundrie’s mother and father know exactly where he’s currently hiding.



Well, if anyone can find this guy, it’s Dog.


Hope he picks up his sent and hunts him down and brings him back alive and well so he can face justice.


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