[VIDEO] OANN’s Fiery Reporter Emerald Robinson Rattled Jen Psaki With One Humdinger of a Question

[VIDEO] OANN’s Fiery Reporter Emerald Robinson Rattled Jen Psaki With One Humdinger of a Question

Many people believe that COVID has been politicized by Democrats.


I don’t think sane people would argue with this claim – COVID feels less like a “virus,” and more like a “political tool.”

And Joe Biden’s latest move to restrict antibody treatments to red states solidifies that fact in many people’s minds.

Yahoo News reported that Republican governors are slamming the Biden administration following an announcement it would restrict the distribution of monoclonal antibody treatments, one of the only medically sanctioned remedies for those who have contracted COVID-19.

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The move has also earned criticism from red-state medical officials who fear it will further overwhelm hospitals dealing with a deluge of COVID-19 patients.

Biden announced Tuesday the federal government is facing a shortage of the drug due to “a substantial surge in the utilization” associated with the highly transmissible delta variant.

The Health and Human Services Department will now control and restrict how much of the treatment supply goes to each state.

The move elicited immediate criticism from GOP governors, even in states where vaccination rates are high. Earlier this month, the Biden administration had pledged to increase “the average pace of shipments” of the drug to states and to “accelerate access” to the treatment. It now appears to be reversing course.


During yesterday’s WH presser, firey OANN reporter Emerald Robinson cornered Psaki about the move and had her so rattled that she did that bizarre nervous “thing” with her tongue.

You can watch the video below:

Jen Psaki and her creepy lizard-like tongue are way out of her league.

It makes sense though, she fits in perfectly with an administration that bungles every single thing that they touch.


So, really, Jen could be the greatest spox of all time, and she’d still suck, thanks to Joe and his inept Handlers.

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