[VIDEO] “F Joe Biden” Chant Goes Mainstream During Anti-Vax Mandate Protest on Brooklyn Bridge 

[VIDEO] “F Joe Biden” Chant Goes Mainstream During Anti-Vax Mandate Protest on Brooklyn Bridge 

The “F Joe Biden” chant has taken the country by storm. It’s sweeping the nation, and never in my lifetime have I seen such negativity and dislike on display by hordes of people against a “president” as I have with Joe Biden.


Of course, people disliked Trump, but it was always the contained to the #Resist group – it never went “mainstream,” where you’d hear “F Trump” being chanted by an entire stadium of people.

That is epic, and it’s only happened to Joe…Mr. “81 Million Votes.”

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That tells you something. Tells you a lot of things, actually. 

And now, the fact that you’re hearing the “F Joe Biden” chant in Manhattan, of all places, by a group of very “diverse” folks protesting Biden’s vaccine mandates, tells you even more.

And this isn’t a “MAGA” group, folks…These are NYC teachers.

The movement against Joe has gone completely “mainstream” and that has to scare the heck outta Bumbling Joe Biden.


What you’re seeing below is an anti-vax mandate protest on the Brooklyn Bridge.

You can watch the video below:

Let’s hope this becomes a “regular” scene across America – we need these protests.

Here’s more video from that protest:

We can’t just sit back and allow this feeble-minded old man to threaten our livelihoods and our families.


If he was so worried about the nation’s “health and safety,” Joe Biden would have closed our border 9 months ago.

He didn’t.

He opened it up for business, so, I’m sorry, but nothing he says about “vaccine health” can be taken seriously.

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