[VIDEO] Fox News Just Went For The Lowest Blow They Could Against Joe Biden

[VIDEO] Fox News Just Went For The Lowest Blow They Could Against Joe Biden

Fox News must still be feeling the heat from their viewers, and that’s why they’ve decided to really go for Joe Biden’s political jugular.


Because they’re not holding back.

Fox News host Bill Hemmer is taking the HAMMER to Biden and letting it rip.

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Hemmer is hitting Bide in his weakest spot right now…speaking with the press.

Even when Biden does a taped interview, he screws up, as we’ve seen time and time again.

But can you imagine what he’d be like one-on-one in a live interview where the cameras can’t stop rolling and things couldn’t be edited out?

It would be the biggest disaster and the LAST thing that Joe’s Handlers want to see happen.


They don’t want any type of interview, and that’s why we haven’t seen Joe sit down with a reporter for six weeks.

And that’s exactly what Bill Hemmer is calling him out for.


Fox News then doubled down on the diss-fest and detailed how ghastly Biden’s poll numbers are:

This is definitely a power move by Fox News, and they’re backing Joe into a corner here.


Biden is not good in any situation, but he’s especially bad when he’s put on the spot, even when it’s taped – and now Fox News is making a big stink about it, and they will badger him until he’s pushed into another sit-down interview and make more forced errors.

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