Conservative Journalist Just Exposed One of Fox News’ Most Underhanded Reporters and Revealed How She “Operates”

Conservative Journalist Just Exposed One of Fox News’ Most Underhanded Reporters and Revealed How She “Operates”

There’s a reporter on Fox News who is such a shameless hack, that she should be known as the “female” version of Chris Wallace – because that’s exactly who Jennifer Griffin is.


Just like Chris, Jennifer tries to claim she’s a political “straight shooter.”

She’s not.

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She’s a complete TDS progressive loon.

But, as with all biased hacks, Jennifer’s jig is up, after one very savvy conservative journalist just blew the lid of Griffin and explained exactly how she operates.

And how did Jennifer tip her hand?

Well, it was her staunch defense of traitor and insurrectionist General Mark Milley.

Red State watcher reporter who goes by “Bonchie” discussed the PR blitz that Jennifer Griffin laid out for disgraced Mark Milley.

He explained that in the end, there is no evidence that Trump planned to attack China or do anything else of that nature, and even if there were, the proper course of action would be for Milley to refuse, resign his position, and notify Congress. We do not have military coups in this country, yet that’s what Milley propagated when he colluded with Nancy Pelosi to take the reins of government in the last month of Trump’s presidency.

But as RedState reported last night, the gaslighting is already beginning, and Fox News’s Jennifer Griffin continues her quest to win the award for repeating the most off-the-record Pentagon denials.


Here’s the Milley PR tweet that Jennifer put out:

“I am told this is not true. There were 15 people on the video teleconference calls, including a representative of the State Dept and the read out and notes from Milley’s two calls with his Chinese counterpart were shared with the IC and the Interagency.
Quote Tweet”

Bonchie” goes on to say about the tweet: This bothers me because Griffin has always painted herself as a straight shooter. When Trump tried to pull out of Syria, she did not shy away one bit from sharing her personal opinions. Yet, when the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan started to take shape, I noticed that she seemed to pointedly avoid ever criticizing the Pentagon, including Milley. That struck me as odd given the vigor with which she seemed to hit those on the political side of the equation. Where was the righteous anger she displayed in defense of the Kurds?

And here’s the most interesting part, that could explain a lot about the reporting at Fox News…

That’s when it became clear to me that Griffin, though she’ll never admit it, is simply protecting her access to sources. Without her connections in the Pentagon, likely including Milley himself, she has no career. Thus, we get a Fox News reporter playing comms director for a disgraced general who not only helped lead the botched, deadly withdrawal from Afghanistan but also called up the Chinese communists to pledge treasonous behavior.


Yep. The odds are very, very good that Jennifer Griffin – the complete anti-Trump hack that she’s always been – has likely been getting spoon-fed stories from Milley and his woke crew…when you realize that, and take into account the esteemed position Griffin holds over at Fox News, especially since Catherine Herridge is gone, everything just starts making perfect sense, doesn’t it?

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