[VIDEO] Disgraced George W. Bush Turns 9/11 Ceremony Into an Attack on Trump Supporters

[VIDEO] Disgraced George W. Bush Turns 9/11 Ceremony Into an Attack on Trump Supporters

George W. Bush is a disgusting, warmongering, globalist, and he just proved how much of an evil SOB he is today during the 9/11 ceremony.


The man who told one of the biggest lies in history: “Weapons of Mass Destruction,” and who helped drag us into forever wars and pointless “nation-building” that killed and maimed so many of our heroes, is honestly the LAST person we should be hearing from today, on the 20th anniversary of 9/11.

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But of course, they trot him out, so he can spew more hate and more lies on a day that should be about the victims and their families.

Bush used his time to speak and perpetuated the false narrative that it’s “domestic terrorists” who are the biggest threat – claiming that “domestic terrorists” have the same soul as the 9/11 attackers.

Now, who do you think George is talking about?

Antifa or BLM?

No, of course not, he’s on their side, silly.


He’s obviously referring to January 6th, Trump supporters.

Once again the globalist elites got together and decided to politicize a somber moment and keep pushing the fake “insurrection” narrative, that has collapsed in a heap at Nancy’s rickety old feet.


“You’d think he was talking about Antifa—but he’s talking about you. I can’t think of anyone else who’s made such a disgusting disgrace of his legacy.”

In so many ways, as GW Bush proves here, there is little to no difference between the left and the right, Republicans and Democrats.


Jack Posobiec said it best:

They truly are a “uni-party,” that is centered around elitism, global interests, and placing America Last.

Shame on George W. Bush for doing this, and especially for doing this on 9/11.

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