[VIDEO] a Fed-Up Harris Faulkner Actually Interrupts Biden Speech, to Attack Him

[VIDEO] a Fed-Up Harris Faulkner Actually Interrupts Biden Speech, to Attack Him

Fox News host Harris Faulkner is at the end of her rope with Bumbling Joe Biden and his hypocrisy, double talk, and basically making no sense whatsoever.


So much so, that she actually interrupted his speech, and called him out for ignoring the disaster at the border, and wondering when the zillions of people there would be vaccinated…all in “real-time.”

After all, he’s forcing that goop on hardworking Americans, why on earth aren’t those hordes of people who are being placed in our communities being subjected to the same punishment?

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Harris interrupted Joe’s speech and ripped into him for ignoring the border “disaster” during his announcement that the U.S. will vaccinate people worldwide.

Worldwide, except at the border, makes a lot of sense, right?

Harris Faulkner wasn’t buying what Joe was selling and asked, “Are any of them going to be vaccinated?”

Harris was referencing the over 1 million illegals who have already crossed our border.


Great question and I bet Joe has no answer.

You can watch the video below:

If this is such a “deadly” and serious pandemic, why isn’t Biden worried about over a million people flooding the country who are not vaccinated?


These are the type of goofy, nonsensical moves that Biden and his admin make – among others – that cause people not to trust what they’re doing.

How can “science” explain this?

It can’t.

It’s political, and everyone knows it.

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