[VIDEO] Look at Milley’s Expression When Sen. Hawley Tells Him to Resign Right To His Face

[VIDEO] Look at Milley’s Expression When Sen. Hawley Tells Him to Resign Right To His Face

You can tell General Mark Milley was not happy at all with Senator Josh Hawley today.


Milley and Lloyd Austin, Biden’s abysmal Defense Secretary, were both seated before the Senate to answer questions about Biden’s godawful Afghanistan disaster.

And it was clear pretty quickly that these two guys are a couple of beltway dolts.

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I’m sure they didn’t start out this way – they probably had righteous careers at some point in time, but since then, things have gone way off track and both of them sound like blithering buffoons.

It’s like the entire Afghanistan nightmare unfolded, and these two bozos were just standing there as “bystanders” watching in shock as everything went askew.

How on earth can Lloyd Austin not have realized that the Afghan Army would drop their weapons and join the Taliban?

Where was he when the Gulf War was going on? We’ve all seen time and time again how these “well trained/elite” army’s “drop their weapons” and join the bad guys.

Always happens…this should be the “expected” outcome if you ask me. Anything else should be a “shock.”

I’m in Michigan, and I knew this would happen, for crying out loud…President Trump cut a deal with the Taliban because he knew this would happen.

But somehow, Lloyd Austin and ‘everyone else’ according to him, never saw it coming.


Give us all a break…

Milley had the audacity to say that the Afghanistan evacuation mission was a “logistical success but a strategic failure.”

What is this man talking about? Just absolute nonsense.

My God, when something goes THAT bad, there’s nothing “successful” to report, Sir.

Where’s the humility and asking the American people for forgiveness?

Nothing. They don’t care. 

So, you can imagine, after hearing all these lame excuses how frustrated Senator Josh Hawley was when it was his turn to speak with Milley.

He didn’t hold back, not one bit…he actually looked Milley square in the eye and told him to resign – Lloyd Austin too – and the look of anger on Milley’s face – that “side-eye” glare he gave Hawley tells you what an entitled elitist he really is.

You can watch the video below:

How on earth do these bumbling boobs still have their jobs?

I’ll tell you why, because Joe Biden, even after 13 Americans died, and hundreds of civilians were killed, and thousands of Americans were left behind, still insisted on taking a “victory lap.”


This decrepit old fool went on TV – angry – and shouted at the American people for several minutes about what a good job he did by ending the war in Afghanistan…this is why nobody’s been fired because we have an Alzheimer’s patient pretending to be “president” right now who thinks he’s doing a great job, and who is pissed that you don’t realize it.

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