[VIDEO] Hillary Mocked, Heckled and Booed in Ireland While a Young Child Holds the Back of Her Gown

[VIDEO] Hillary Mocked, Heckled and Booed in Ireland While a Young Child Holds the Back of Her Gown

I bet you didn’t know that Hillary Clinton is the new Queen’s University Chancellor, did you?

I am sure you didn’t care to know…but wait, I have some good stuff to share with you…


NPR reported that Hillary Clinton has been installed as Queen’s University’s first female chancellor.

Speaking at a ceremony on Friday, she described the university as “special”.

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She said she was looking forward to “learning much more about this university” and “helping to tell the university’s exciting story”.

The ceremony is being held at the end of the first week of the new academic year.

And while all the elites might love Hillary, the normal, hardworking “regular folks” do not…and they let her know it…very loudly.


As Hillary strutted across the way, with a young child in toe, carrying the back of her gown, as if she’s royalty, the crowd of onlookers booed, heckled, and mocked her relentlessly.

Good for them! Bravo!

You can watch the videos below:


Here are a few of the comments from folks online:

“Oh gee, who is being sacrificed on the altar today?” 

“now we see why the oldschool kings and queens never left their castles. Make this the new normal”

“If I was that kid I would fake a trip and fall accident while holding the witches cape”

“Democrats are sending us back to the Dickensian era”

“I’m sure she’ll treat the child to some ping pong later at Comet Pizza.”

“I love it when people remind her of who she is.”

Keep it up folks, let these elites know how you feel about them…because I promise you, there is nothing that hurts and wounds an elite more than public humiliation and mockery.

They wither beneath it.


It’s literally the ONLY thing that shames and hurts them.

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