[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Just Stuck it to Pelosi With a “Side-by-Side” Video that Destroys Her Jan 6th Narrative

[VIDEO] Trump Supporter Just Stuck it to Pelosi With a “Side-by-Side” Video that Destroys Her Jan 6th Narrative

If there’s one thorn in Pelosi’s side, it’s January 6th.


Not only is that old vodka-soaked prune mad about the fact that some lowly peasant was sitting at her desk pretending to use her phone, and another peasant waltzed off with her precious podium, but she’s not having any luck turning January 6th into the new 9/11.

And God knows she has tried.

She’s rolled out that absurd crying committee, erected fences, dragged the National Gaurd over, and has used the media to try and convince Americans that a 3-hour mostly peaceful melee was the same as watching over three thousand Americans die at the hands of a terror attack.

Her messaging hasn’t worked.

Poll after poll shows that Americans would prefer that the bloody and fiery “Summer of Love” be investigated over January 6th.

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And the feds aren’t helping matters. Up until now, they’ve been sitting on thousands of hours of video footage of 1/6 that they refuse to share with the public.

Because trust me, if it was damaging to Trump’s cause, they would have paraded them out with a big red bow on each clip, 10 thousand times over by now.

But they didn’t, so that tells you the footage they have doesn’t “jive” with their doomsday narrative.

And now, some of that footage has been ordered released by a judge and what we see is NOT the “worst than 9/11” hooey we’ve been told it was.

As a matter of fact, the footage we’re now seeing looks more like a friendly and leisurely “tourist moment.”

So, one very clever Trump supporter took that new “tourist” footage from the so-called RIOT and paired it up with typical “Black Friday” clips from all over the country.

Man, what a juxtaposition that is…and my oh my, how that blows Pelosi’s narrative even farther out of the water.


You can watch the video below (it takes a few seconds for images on the second screen to appear…that’s by design):

Were there some disruptions and outbursts during 1/6? Yes, of course.

But overall, the event at the Capitol was peaceful and people were mindful of their manners.


And the only person who died as a result of 1/6 was an innocent vet who was murdered in cold blood by one of Nancy’s henchmen.

But what I am happy to see are these clips finally coming out – they prove that Nancy Pelosi is once again politicizing a moment to suit her needs, and also to use as a weapon against every single person who supports President Trump.

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