[VIDEO] This Was By Far Peter Doocy’s Greatest Moment, And Jen Psaki’s Absolute Worst

[VIDEO] This Was By Far Peter Doocy’s Greatest Moment, And Jen Psaki’s Absolute Worst

As we all know by now, Peter Doocy is a machine.


He walks into that press briefing every day, programmed to take down Psaki, and he nails it every time.

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Doocy is like a Jim Acosta, only in the way that he’s a needle in Jen’s side – but unlike Acosta, Doocy is asking really good, really tough, and quite damning questions.

But today, he may have had his greatest moment yet.

Peter got Jen Psaki to admit one of the most outlandish, and stupid “unsciency” things you’ve ever heard…and yes, it was so bad, that it’s all everyone is talking about today.

Here’s what happened:

Peter Doocy asks why vaccine cards are required for foreign travelers but not migrants at the border.

Psaki: “They’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time. It’s not the same thing.”


Oh, okay, so now COVID knows if you’re visiting or living here and behaves accordingly?

What an amazingly smart and crafty virus COVID is, right, guy?

You can watch the video below:

This is just more proof that Team Biden doesn’t care about “science,” and this whole COVID vax push isn’t about public safety – it’s about public control.

If Joe Biden was to close the border and shut off all immigration, legal and illegal over COVID, I would actually take pause and maybe even be a bit “scared.”


Because to me, that would show how serious he was and how serious this pandemic was.

Until that happens, I can’t take him seriously, because it doesn’t add up…tens of thousands pouring over the border unvaxed are okay, because they won’t “be here for a long time.”

This has to be one of the stupidest things I’ve heard the Biden admins say about COVID yet – and that’s saying a lot because they’ve said some really dumb stuff – but I’m glad they said it out loud, for everyone to hear.

Keep it up, Peter…job well done.

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