[VIDEO] Biden Wandered Off Stage Again Today, And One Trump Supporter Thinks He Knows Exactly Why…

[VIDEO] Biden Wandered Off Stage Again Today, And One Trump Supporter Thinks He Knows Exactly Why…

Today, Joe Biden accompanied his wife Jill to a DC school, where she pushed the vaccine because she’s a real doctor…Oh, no she’s not…anyway…


While Jill was screeching speaking, Joe, being of completely unsound mind and shaky body, just wandered off.

Yep, just turned and took off.

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I guess it’s not all that shocking, we’ve all seen him just shuffle off into nowhere several times.

But this time was a bit more dramatic since his wife was shrieking speaking at the time and he really had a long way to walk to get off the stage.

You can watch the video below:

Now, I am not sure what Joe was doing, perhaps someone off-camera motioned for him to shuffle over – maybe he had egg-yolk stuck on his chin again and nobody wanted to send him a note, so they just called for him?

Or maybe it was just that pesky “childhood stutter” of his? I know that thing’s been giving him a heap of trouble for the past year or so.

But maybe it was none of those things, and it was something much more logical and familiar that beckoned Joe off the stage in the middle of his wife’s sentence?


That’s what one very funny and clever Trump supporter has come up with…

This Trump supporter thinks he’s figured out what was really going on and why Biden wandered off like he did…

He heard a “familiar” old tune…

Check it out:

Well, I don’t know about you, but I think that’s probably as good a reason as any for Joe to wander off.


But this brings up a very serious question – should any of us be taking “medical advice” from a man who looks and acts as if he has Late-Stage Alzheimer’s?

I know for me personally,  I certainly don’t feel comfortable getting my “doctorly” advice from a man who should be in a nursing home.

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